Metsä Fibre and Fimpec to sign agreement on construction consulting on pre-engineering of the bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland

Fimpec will provide Metsä Fibre with construction consultancy services during pre-engineering project. The aim of the pre-engineering is to create preconditions for the investment decision of the new bioproduct mill to be made at the earliest in summer 2020. In addition to a concrete construction plan, the pre-engineering project includes, among others, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and environmental permit processes, main equipment agreements and investment proposals.
Fimpec was also the contractor at the bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland. “Fimpec has extensive experience in large industrial construction projects. We have successfully cooperated in the past and Kemi’s bioproduct mill project is another opportunity for quality cooperation,” says Jari-Pekka Johansson, Project Director at Metsä Fibre.

“The assignment strengthens significantly the long-term and fruitful cooperation between Metsä Fibre and Fimpec, where new ways of working are sought to traditional project management models. We value Metsä Fibre’s determined and value respecting way of implementing its strategic investments. We bring to the project our extensive international experience, strong local expertise and good knowledge of the market in Finland,” says Pekka Salomaa, Chairman of the Board of Fimpec. In the Äänekoski project, Salomaa acted as the responsible for the construction of the mill.
Once completed, Kemi’s bioproduct mill is the largest wood processing plant in the Northern Hemisphere and the largest investment in the Finnish forest industry, worth EUR 1.5 billion. An environmentally, energy- and material-efficient mill would operate completely without fossil fuels and would produce 1.5 million tonnes of softwood and birch pulp annually and numerous other bio-products. Annual wood consumption would be 7.6 million cubic metres. The new mill would have significant impacts on the Finnish economy. It would employ approximately 2,500 employees in the entire value chain in Finland, of which approximately 1,500 would be new employees.