Metris DryQ from ANDRITZ improves performance at Montes del Plata

The new intelligent solution for pulp drying, Metris DryQ, developed by international technology group ANDRITZ, is operating successfully at the Montes del Plata pulp mill in Punta Pereira, Uruguay. It was installed in September 2019 as part of a mill-wide service agreement called SYNERGY, which includes remote support and local assistance by ANDRITZ experts, with the aim of boosting dryer performance and stabilizing the process.

Gabriel Machado, in charge of the Montes del Plata fiberline, says “We have been very impressed with ANDRITZ’s professional and transparent approach to the Metris DryQ project since the very beginning. The experts involved, both at the mill and remotely, support us in every aspect of drying line operations. We now have a drying line that is performing in a much more stable and efficient way. It gives us a lot of confidence to have ANDRITZ experts right with us as we deal with any challenges that may arise.”

Metris DryQ combines ANDRITZ’s long-standing pulp drying expertise with the latest digital technologies and thus provides crucial support for customers in achieving their production and sustainability targets. The Metris DryQ team analyses available plant data, compares it with data already gathered, evaluates the results based on decades of expertise and thus provides valuable output for business intelligence, quality management and process information. These results play a vital role in increasing the efficiency of systems already installed and thus secure high drying line performance.

Under the brand name Metris, ANDRITZ offers a broad and constantly growing range of innovative products and services in the industrial digitalization sector, helping customers to enhance plant efficiency and profitability, optimize the use of resources, achieve constant and highest product quality, reduce production downtime and maximize user-friendliness.