MAFLEX: technology, quality and style in new converting line graphics

Maflex Tissue Converting Machinery, the Lucca, Italy-based company that has been manufacturing converting equipment for more than 25 years, stands out for the practicality with which it approaches projects. Aimed at the customer’s needs and oriented toward its results, it combines technology, innovation, quality and a highly competitive pricing strategy to offer a complete tailor-made package that meets the demands of converters worldwide.

The practical, consultative approach results in tailored solutions designed to solve specific production needs. “Flexibility, optimal performance and operational simplicity.” Luca Mazzotti, general manager, begins to explain. The company believes it is important to strike the right balance between technological advancement and affordability. “Our approach ensures that customers can benefit from the high-level performance of Maflex machinery without compromising the financial sustainability of their projects. This translates into a positive impact on overall operating costs and its profitability.”

All this confirms a distinct personality and clear positioning. Maflex is distinguished by its bias toward start-up and medium-sized converters, recognizes and carefully responds to specific needs in terms of investment, quality of technology, support and after-sales services.

“The relational modus is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to supporting customers, not just as suppliers, but as partners.”


Keeping pace with innovation,  not only in performance, but also in aesthetics, the recent introduction of new graphics marks an evolution in the appearance of the machines: the logos, lettering and icons, now rendered in a sophisticated 3D effect, give a modern and refined touch that does not betray its identity. Appearing on the lines being testing in this first part of 2024, it is refined while remaining simple and noninvasive.

“We opted for a solution that represents us.” Eng. Mazzotti continues. “The new Maflex lines possess an elegant but at the same time calm image. It’s kind of our style. We faced the market by growing one step at a time and proving our capabilities project after project, without ever betraying our culture and especially our customers’ targets.”

Made from unconventional materials, the graphic elements enhance the overall aesthetics of the lines and emphasize their distinctive identity. Often a pioneer in the industry, it has always invested in interdisciplinary R&D initiatives to explore new frontiers, integrating principles and ideas from across sectors, bringing a fresh perspective to the tissue converting industry.

“The decision to use these materials aims to ensure durability and also helps communicate Maflex’s ongoing commitment to quality.”

The eye-catching new look reflects attention to detail and a focus on original solutions. It’s a step toward a superior visual experience for its customers that can underscore the affinity for optimization that permeates every aspect of the solutions offered.

The new graphics made their debut at the check-out in February of a Hermes Industrial line destined for a French customer. This renewed aesthetic attracted the interest of guests attending the two-day Open Day for the presentation of the line, which, in addition to a contemporary look, was customized with effective technological implementations.

“This event marks the start of a rich year not only for the number of projects in the Lucca plant but also for the expansion of the activity of our American subsidiary, focused on the development of the overseas market.” Luca Mazzotti concludes. “We felt it was important to make this quality leap at this time: our plants deserve to be recognized for performance, reliability and aesthetics. I am sure that this new project, thought out over the past year, will leave its mark, consolidating our presence and underlining Maflex’s identity in the industry.”