LIMS software by Noviprofibre

A LIMS software is a Laboratory Information Management System. It’s a management integrated specialized software which assures a perfect match with the mainly used laboratory processes. A LIMS is a efficient tool which assures an autonomous and automatic data collect as well as a quality traceability of samples and a precise input of the data collected. The risk of error doesn’t exist.

Indeed, in laboratory measures, measures devices are most of the time very accurate and don’t have issues for adaptability to the field. On the other hand, the input and traceability of collected data is a lot less mastered. Thanks to a LIMS software, the link between the data collection from the measure device and the input in the database is entirely automatic and avoid human errors.

The Novilog software developed by Noviprofibre, is a software which can be used as a LIMS. It allows to interconnect existing software on laboratory devices. It allows a secure and reliable data transfer between the measure devices and existing systems, without the need for manual input intervention. It is not just time saving, it’s also a quality benefit: errors are avoided and traceability is more reliable. A software like Novilog allows to automate data managing processes and secure the measure in itself, all of this, in compliance with the standards. It also allows more measures taking without increasing the amount of tools and technical staff.

It can also be connected to another existent LIMS in order to be used like a data collecting tool between the measuring device and the existing LIMS.