Lecta joins the Cartón Circular initiative for the management and recycling of industrial packaging in Spain

Cartón Circular is the collective EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) system promoted by different associations in the paper and  cardboard industry value chain in Spain, including ASPAPEL, the Spanish Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers.

By joining, Lecta reinforces its commitment to complying with new national regulations (Real Decreto de Envases y Residuos de Envases 1055/2022, royal decree on packaging and packaging waste 1055/2022) to ensure correct, responsible management of packaging and packaging waste introduced in the market when products are sold.

Being part of this initiative will enable Lecta to help contribute to meeting the collection and recycling targets for packaging materials set by the European Union for 2030.

Lecta encourages companies within the industry to learn about the advantages and opportunities offered by Cartón Circular, the Spanish industry’s collective EPR system. The goal is to generate more sustainable packaging when marketing our products.

For more information about Cartón Circular, please visit www.cartoncircular.com.