Körber’s solutions are able to respond to the changing needs of the packaging market

Modular, flexible, intuitive: Körber Business Area Tissue offers its customers a wide range of packaging solutions to meet every need, we well as an innovative product specifically for the North American market

Understanding the demands of the market, anticipating the requirements of its customers, and promptly responding to the changing needs of the tissue sector: this is what makes Körber Business Area Tissue a strategic partner that offers companies targeted solutions aimed at increasing and developing new business segments.

Research and innovation have always been central tenets of the company, which, thanks to its wide range of packaging solutions, offers modular, flexible and easy-to-install machines.  Körber Business Area Tissue supports customers in choosing the best technology to produce quality tissue products in a market that is in constant evolution.

The efficient, safe, and sustainable packaging solutions created by Körber Business Area Tissue demonstrates the power of what can happen when the history of performance and the future of innovation come together. See the most recent packaging innovation by the company:

Casmatic Zephyrus A completely new and patented innovation in the tissue sector that uses delta robot technology to pick the tissue products in carton boxes, offering high flexibility in production thanks to the possibility of increasing capacity by adding specific modules. It can be integrated into an existing packaging line between the log saw and the packaging machine with the possibility of producing in three different modes: Full production, Mixed production, and Bypass. In the first it packs all the product made by the converting line, in the second it lets through all the product that is packaged by a traditional wrapper, and the third is a mix of both. The customer can thus produce additional and sustainable pack formats made out of cardboard and microwaved carton, with the possibility to expand its business, with minimum impact on the existing layout. The delta robots ensure maximum flexibility and precision in product handling, providing the ability to package different products at the same time. With this new solution the boxes can be made with recyclable cardboard and furthermore, once opened, the box can be closed again, keeping the product uncontaminated and easy to store. The use of this technology allows you to develop and increase the business related to e-commerce in a simple, fast, and personalized way.

Casmatic CMB 270 A high-speed bundling machine that has proven to be among the most reliable and performing on the market. Designed to produce up to 27 bundles per minute in a wide range of formats, it is equipped with intelligent systems to easily, quickly, and automatically change format. Furthermore, thanks to the TOSS longitudinal welding system, the solution allows a 60% reduction in air and energy consumption compared to existing models on the market. Casmatic CMB 270 is also available in the NA version. The Casmatic CMB 270 NA version has been modified to accept all US and Canadian bundle formats on one machine using an innovative triple infeed system: stacker, bypass and revolver upender. The stacker allows for production of bundles with cores horizontal, while the revolver upender allows the handling of products requiring bundles with cores vertical. This patented infeed replaces the stacker for the revolver upender in a matter of minutes thanks to a simple, fully automated changeover that operators activate from the HMI panel.

Casmatic A6T XL A solution designed for certain geographic market areas, such as North America, which require taller packages up to 410 mm in height. The core of this innovation lies in the insertion of a series of four pneumatic cylinders that allow the entire towing unit to be lifted when there is a need to create formats higher than 305 mm.

The machine allows you to process different types of products according to individual needs: single rolls with a diameter of up to 240 mm, rolls with a diameter of up to 205 mm for two-ply formats, and finally, rolls with a diameter of up to 135 mm for three-ply formats. The customer can thus adapt the existing formats with large diameter rolls, enabling him to keep up with emerging market trends.

To improve the quality of the sealing, A6T XL has a system of split sealing belts, which decouples the output speed of the packs from the tow and that of the belts, lowering the temperature and reducing energy consumption during side sealing.

Carbon T wrapper machine designed to achieve maximum performance in terms of production yield. This machine reaches a speed of over 200 packs per minute, ensuring a very high level of quality of the finished product. Extremely versatile and easy to use thanks to the automatic format change, which also includes the automatic management of the trolleys through the patented Trolley One Touch system. Even less experienced operators can easily and safely manage the machine.

The quality of the primary packaging is automatically monitored by Casmatic Sam pack, a solution that is able to manage any defective packages through a series of HD cameras and light bars that scan each side of the package. Through a neural network instructed by a deep learning algorithm, the solution is able to detect most visible defects for any format, so any non-compliant packages can be managed as needed. Casmatic Sam Pack then manages all the production data in a database, so that all the desired quality control analyzes can be performed.

“The global pandemic has revolutionized the world, and has highlighted the need to address the ever-growing requirements that the tissue market has manifested and is still highlighting. Two trends have emerged from these evolutions between supply and demand in recent years: e-commerce and sustainability. Thanks to a wide range of packaging solutions, Körber Business Area Tissue is able to support customers in developing their business by offering the desired degree of customization in line with emerging market needs.” Commented Nicolò Squarzoni, Körber Business Area Tissue’s Product Manager.