Körber Business Area Tissue broadens its offer in packaging to create the perfect synergy between customers’ roll and fold systems

Körber Business Area Tissue enhances its Casmatic offer with the launch of new lines for the packaging of folded products and with renovated and improved roll wrappers. This new integrated offering of solutions, ranging from converting to packaging, guarantees perfect synergy between customers’ systems, dedicated to their maximum efficiency and sustainability, thus confirming Körber Business Area Tissue’s role as technology leader.

Francesco De Luca, General Manager of the Packaging Department of Körber Business Area Tissue, commented, “The new series for the folded segment and the evolution of the traditional roll machines mean that our customers will be able to entrust an exclusive partner with the management of the entire line. This translates into multiple advantages for the customer, such as a smooth and continuous communication, an accurate and constant customer service, as well as the opportunity to develop a single software able to govern the whole system. As technology leaders we at Körber Business Area Tissue regularly optimize our Casmatic product portfolio to guarantee our customers the most updated and advanced solutions. This is why the Körber Business Area Tissue is considered to be the reference point on the market for all phases of tissue converting.”

A complete range of solutions for fold

The wide recognition achieved with roll packaging machines has led the Körber Business Area Tissue to expand its range of packaging solutions to include folded products. The latter, made with MTC technology, can now be packed with Casmatic products, the flagship technology featuring high reliability and maximum performance, for unparalleled flexibility to meet every specific customer need. In particular, the packaging expert team of the Körber Business Area Tissue will launch Casmatic F12, the new high-speed wrapper for folded products, designed to pack napkins and interfolded clips at a speed of 120 packs/min, also with paper. In this sense, this dedicated solution for the folding sector fits into a broader context such as the Körber ecosystem, which represents a revolutionary approach benefitting the customer, as it combines all stages of raw material processing in a single production system.

Optimization, innovation and packaging quality for roll

Among the innovations, noteworthy is Casmatic B23, an important upgrade of the successful Casmatic CMB202, of which already more than 500 lines operate successfully in the market. Casmatic B23 comes as the new bundler for roll products in a variety of combinations that elevates processing from 20 bundles/min. to 23 bundles/min. and is available both with in-line and DVL infeed.

In addition for the roll segment, the Casmatic Sam Pack system applies artificial intelligence to inspect packages. Specifically, with HD cameras and light bars capable of scanning each side of the pack, Casmatic Sam Pack automatically and effectively monitors the primary packaging and handles defective packs to prevent uncompliant products and ensure the highest packaging quality. Furthermore, the Bio Pack plus kit, an add-on system on the reel unwinding section of the wrapper makes it possible to replace all polyethylene packaging materials with simple kraft paper, bypassing the need for pre-coated paper with heat-sealing glue. This results in a solution that respects the environment by promoting a more rational use of resources, such as glue and paper, and contains costs by more than 42%.

Other highlights include Casmatic Omnia 1000 and Casmatic Z10: the first is a new high speed horizontal diverter, featuring breakthrough technology, that processes rolls in a wide diameter range at a speed of up to 1000 rolls/min, allowing all possible input-output configurations. The second, Casmatic Z10, is a casepacker that packs roll and folded products, designed to process napkins, interfolded and Away from Home rolls, at a speed of 10 cases/min.

These cutting-edge innovations will be previewed at the Tissue Innovation Days webinar, on 26 September, 2023, as well as at the MIAC trade show on 11, 12 and 13 October, 2023, in Lucca, Italy. Another opportunity for customers to experience the new machines will be during the Open House, scheduled for 9-20, October 2023, in Bologna, Italy.