Kapotek Oy has moved to a new way more spacious facility

New facility, new phase in the company history!

Kapotek Oy has moved recently to an about 4 times bigger facility and finally all is
set up and ready to run.

The production facilities, the warehouse and the offices are now under one roof.

Modern offices, a spacious warehouse and production facilities, in addition we did modernized parts of our production equipment as well to serve our customers better and faster.

For example: have we installed some new equipment to heat up metal parts with new technology instead of conventional ovens. We reduced the time in this particular process by 90%!

We can deliver most of the common spare parts within a couple of days.

The turn around time for standard re-screening is down to a couple of days.

Our own Kapotek vibratory separators we can deliver in the most common sizes and options within a week or two.

The KTF pressure filters are manufactured now in the new local facility as well. Delivery times are short and we can offer a lot of options to customer specifications and needs.

Challenge us!