Investment project at Sappi Gratkorn is well on schedule

Sappi’s new Parade Label WS wet-glue label paper has been produced and converted successfully

To further strengthen its position as a leading provider in the label paper sector, packaging and speciality paper manufacturer Sappi is investing significantly in its production site in Gratkorn, Austria. Investments in the expansion of the state-of-the-art technical infrastructure – announced a year and a half ago – are being carried out and are proceeding on schedule. The first batches of the new wet-strength and alkali-resistant Parade Label WS paper have been produced and delivered to selected customers as part of a long-term validation programme. The results are very positive and confirm expectations. The validation phase is scheduled to proceed until summer 2024, with product samples available to all interested parties from now.

 The new Parade Label WS is a wet-strength and alkali-resistant label paper. It is double-coated and features a functional coating on its reverse side. The outstanding surface enables users to achieve impressive printing and finishing results. After the validation phase, Parade Label WS is available in basis weights ranging from 65 to 80 g/m2 – in embossed and non-embossed versions. It can be converted using all standard printing processes and is suitable for creating high-quality labels, e.g. for returnable containers in the food and beverage sector. The paper also boasts excellent lay-flat properties and supports all common printing and finishing techniques.

Revised brand name provides clarity

Robert Gabriel-Jürgens, Head of Sales Label Papers at Sappi Europe, confirms: “The test phase for Parade Label WS is going extremely well. We have already received very positive feedback from the market on the product’s outstanding properties, and especially on the paper’s superb surface and performance. Customers and other interested parties who would like to familiarise themselves with Parade Label WS are welcome to request product samples from us. We will be happy to provide these either as hand samples, pallets or rolls.”

As part of the brand strategy, the wet-strength and alkali-resistant paper, which was initially marketed under the name “Parade Label Pro WS”, has been renamed “Parade Label WS. This clearly differentiates it from the Parade Label Pro non-wet-strength labelling paper.”.

Portfolio: Three different label papers at the Gratkorn site

With the wet-strength Parade Label WS, Sappi is complementing its well-established non-wet-strength Parade Label Pro sister product, which was developed to produce high-quality non-wet-strength labels and wrappers for various applications. The third label paper produced in Gratkorn is the successful Parade Label SG, which serves self-adhesive labels. By expanding its portfolio, Sappi aims to strengthen its Austrian site as a key centre for label papers within the Group’s mill network.

Robert Gabriel-Jürgens explains: “In addition to our label paper production plants in Alfeld (Germany), Carmignano (Italy) and Somerset (USA), we are now establishing another site in Gratkorn, where high-quality label papers will be produced on a permanent basis. This will enable us to guarantee our customers greater flexibility and reliability in the availability and delivery of our papers – and to offer them enhanced planning security. The investment project in Gratkorn is right on schedule and represents a milestone in the labelling and beverage industry. It is very important to us to strengthen the Gratkorn site for our customers and to expand it as a hub for meeting future market requirements and developing innovative paper solutions.”

Product samples of the new Parade Label WS can be requested via the following link: