International Kadant Team Executes Successful Trupal Annual Maintenance Service

During Trupal’s annual maintenance shutdown, a complete International Kadant team assembled at the mill, representing various sectors to ensure a successful operation.

KADANT LAMORT SAS made a significant impact during the maintenance shutdown, spearheaded by the capable leadership of Luca Baù and Fabien Cerutti. Assisting them was our dedicated local representative, Maritza Cantoni Salazar, who diligently supervised the extensive maintenance tasks in the stock preparation area. The central focus of their collective efforts was the pulper, where an innovative rotor design was installed successfully. This cutting-edge upgrade had a dual purpose: augmenting production capacity while concurrently elevating the quality of the pulp.(

Thiago Ribeiro Gonçalves from Kadant Lamort and a team from KADANT NOSS AB took charge of maintenance and training for the two Radiscreen units ( These units are essential for efficient pulp de-flocculation and smooth sheet formation. Thiago’s expertise greatly improved the performance of this crucial equipment, leading to high-quality pulp production.

Furthermore, during the maintenance stop, an important milestone was achieved with the initiation of the M-Clean system ( Spearheading this milestone were two key individuals: Daniel Johansson, an esteemed expert from KADANT NORDIC AB, and Eduardo Cantera Zambrano, providing invaluable support from Kadant Mexico. From the very outset, the profound impact of the M-Clean system became evident, unveiling a fabric that appeared impeccably clean, akin to its pristine state when brand new. The introduction of M-Clean holds tremendous promise, delivering crucial benefits such as water and energy conservation, extended fabric longevity, and unparalleled sheet cleanliness.

This start-up was not only a first for TRUPAL but also a groundbreaking achievement in Hispanic America, solidifying Trupal’s position as a pioneering force within the region. By taking this significant step, Trupal continues its unwavering commitment to enhancing the performance and efficiency of the papermaking industry, driving it towards a brighter future.

(In the main picture from left to right Eduardo Cantera Zambrano, Luca Baù, Thiago Ribeiro Gonçalves, Fabien Cerutti, and Daniel Johansson)

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