Innovating for a more Sustainable Future: How Lecta Leads with Responsible Products

At Lecta, innovation is a basic principle that drives our approach to business development. We constantly work to anticipate consumer needs, striving to lead the industry by promoting ideas that are not only innovative but also enhance sustainability.

In 2023, we launched 40 new products, 30 of which feature enhanced sustainability characteristics, highlighting our commitment to environmental responsibility. These include:

Metalvac Seal Oxygen Barrier: This metallized paper stands out with exceptional heat sealing, oxygen and water vapor barrier properties. It effectively blocks water vapor, light, oxygen and grease, making it versatile and suitable for numerous packaging applications.

Metalvac FP OH Proof: Tailored for food packaging, this metallized paper is ideal for products that require an alcohol barrier, as well as for applications such as chocolate wrappers and ice cream cones. It meets stringent industry standards for safety and quality.

Creaset GP PFAS Free: This innovative product is a one-side coated, greaseproof gloss paper designed for oil bottle labels and flexible packaging. It’s PFAS-free, ensuring consumer safety and environmental sustainability without compromising on quality.

We also emphasize our role in promoting the circular economy through products designed to minimize environmental impact:

Metalvac Recy 70 EWS and Metalvac Recy 100 EWS: These labelling products are produced from 70% and 100% recycled fibers, respectively. They offer water resistance and good ink retention, and are designed to be fully recyclable, aligning with our focus on sustainability.

Termax Recy TFXr30 and Recy TFXr100: Part of our thermal paper range, these products stand out for their sustainability credentials, completely phenol-free and up to 100% recycled content. They represent a significant contribution to promoting the circular economy.

Lecta’s dedication to sustainability is evident not only in our product development but also in our overall business practices. By integrating advanced sustainability in our products and advocating for responsible resource usage, we support environmental conservation while driving economic development.