ICT : PM2 and PM4 energy efficiency improvement interventions

At the Italian plants in Piano della Rocca and Piano di Coreglia, a number of significant energy efficiency measures were completed on PM2 and PM4 machines respectively.

Two interventions involved the installation of a system blowing hot air, recovered downstream from other processes, onto the paper sheet before it reaches the nip area between the suction press and the Yankee dryer. By heating the paper sheet, the viscosity of the water it contains is reduced and thus drainage is more effective. Both interventions ensure a reduction in electrical and thermal energy with consequent lower CO2 emissions.

Another intervention consisted in increasing the efficiency of the approach system by replacing the existing fan pumps with new, accurately sized pumps. In addition, latest generation motors and inverters were installed in replacement of the previous feeding system.  As expected in the project phase, the adopted solution saves a considerable amount of electricity and, as a result, reduces CO2 emissions for the production of paper.