IBC Paper Training strengthen remote learning solution

Over the last 14 years IBC Paper Training  has brough new ways to implement effective training through e-Learning, webinars and so forth to the pulp, paper and tissue industry as well as its suppliers.   Also through  partnering with customers globally to implement remote learning solutions through a learning management platform . The expertise acquired by the team of IBC paper engineers and qualified trainers, allow to support customers plans to develop the competencies of their operators, technical staff and young engineers through the understanding of each specificity of their  workstation. Focus on an advanced pedagogic method, with the objective to engage the learner complemented with hands on activities related with their daily job, guaranty the success of the training program and the return on the investment. Now more than ever, the increase of individual competencies became critical for the sustainability of an organization to survive and prosper focusing on the entire organization efficiency towards a greater autonomy.


IBC Paper Training offer several solutions that can be consulted at the web site www.ibcpapertraining.com   , including web streaming of webinars dedicated for technical staff and engineers on energy optimization, water management and more , and access to the e-learning course library .