Hinojosa consolidates its presence in Europe with the acquisition of the Italian MS Packaging

Hinojosa Packaging Group continues to expand its international presence with the acquisition of the Italian company MS Packaging. With the addition of the two plants located in the towns of Salerno and Arzano, Hinojosa has entered the Italian market, one of the largest in the paper and cardboard sector in Europe.  

MS Packaging is an Italian family enterprise specialised in the manufacture and sale of paper and corrugated cardboard packaging. Comprising a packaging factory and a paper mill and boasting a strong presence in the food and beverage market, the company had a turnover of 60 million euros in 2023. Its entire workforce of about 200 employees will retain their jobs under Hinojosa.  

In its desire to offer customers the widest range of products, Hinojosa has integrated MS Packaging as a company that shares the same philosophy, based on innovation, the most advanced technology, sustainability, and proximity to the customer. With the incorporation of MS Packaging, Hinojosa now has a workforce of 2900 employees and 24 production plants located in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.  

This operation coincides with the start of Hinojosa’s new 2024-2026 Strategic Plan. After consolidating its growth over the last three years, this will mark a new stage in which the company will be focusing on internationalisation, to continue expanding its supply of sustainable packaging, anticipating the trends of the sector, and thus the demands of its customers.  

Hinojosa had a turnover of 739 million euros in 2023, whilst reducing carbon emissions and adding value through innovation

Hinojosa closed last year with a turnover of 739 million euros, 10% lower than the previous year, with the drop in raw material prices being the main factor. Hinojosa was able to transfer this cost reduction on to its customers, in contrast to the previous period when soaring inflation had hiked up raw material and energy prices.   

The Group’s international expansion was consolidated in 2023 with the acquisition of 49% of the French company ASV Packaging, which enabled Hinojosa to strengthen its presence in France and improve the service and product it was offering to European customers.  The presence of plants in France, along with those in Portugal and Spain, has led to a growth that has also resulted in a 10% increase in the workforce across its network of work centres. 

A firm commitment to decarbonisation is another of the company’s main objectives, as part of its ESG commitments to the environment. Last year ended with very positive results in this area: a 22% reduction of emissions and carbon footprint compared to the previous year. And of equal importance for Hinojosa, the company achieved a waste valorisation of 95.2%. 

As for the improvements and expansion of its range of products, in 2023 Hinojosa upheld its firm commitment to innovation, the key to identifying the future of the sector and anticipating social changes and customer demands, accompanying them in their growth. This is the case with eating outside the home, a strong trend that reached record numbers in 2023. In this context, last year Hinojosa launched Foodservice, a pioneering range of 100% recyclable and environmentally neutral primary packaging at the end of its life-cycle, intended for beverages and prepared foods. A new product that was developed to meet the current demand of a growing market that seeks to achieve better waste management, helping to slow the progress of climate change.