Hélène Gonzalez becomes director of Torraspapel Malmenayde

Hélène Gonzalez, Commercial Director at Torraspapel Malmenayde (TPM), has taken over the management of TPM following the retirement on 31 October of Pierre de Talancé, Lecta’s Commercial Director in France. Pierre de Talancé spent a long period of his career in the paper industry, including 13 years at the head of Malmenayde, then Torraspapel Malmenayde and finally Lecta’s sales director in France. In 2008, he took the helm of Malmenayde, which then became part of the Lecta group. He then led the merger of Malmenayde with Torraspapel France, which in 2011 became Torraspapel Malmenayde. Under his leadership, Torraspapel Malmenayde has become a key player in paper distribution in France.

Hélène Gonzalez is particularly familiar with the company and the graphic industry, having worked in the sector for many years. She will manage the Distribution activities in France and will report to Gustavo Rivilla, Corporate Distribution Director. This organisation will ensure the diversification, development and sustainability of Torraspapel Malmenayde.