Heat Management – Record Number of Orders in the year of 2023 for Infrasound Cleaning Systems

Heat Management’s Infrasound cleaners has been exceptionally popular historically in Sweden, which is its country of origin. The acoustic cleaner has satisfied its users for years, but in the last few years the demand outside of Sweden has grown exponentially.

This has led to a record year for Heat Management, having a lot of Infrasound cleaners to install and commission all over the world, especially in Asia.

New exciting partnership in Southeast Asia

Our sales manager in Thailand, Thierry Magne, has signed a partnership with Eco Plant Services (EPS) who has been providing our acoustic cleaning solution to the market. Heat Management has received multiple orders in Thailand with the help of our new partner. With the continued collaboration with EPS and Heat Management, anything is possible, which makes the market in Thailand look very promising.

The end-users have been everything from cement plants, coal fired boilers to smoke tube boilers. Together we’re building success stories together with our customers in southeast Asia, building reference cases and trust for our patented technologies. This marks a great step forward for a sustainable transition in the market.

Repeat orders from satisfied customers!

We’ve also gotten repeat orders from satisfied customers in central Europe. Henrik Blom has closed an agreement with an EPC to supply automatic online cleaning with infrasound of a fourth SCR system in the Netherlands. This marks the fourth order to the same end customer.  We’re happy that our solutions help them maintain availability, maximize their NOx removal, and improve their catalyst lifetime.

A customer from the UK has decided to do a repeat investment in Heat Management’s solutions. After a successful implementation on the first line, the customer ordered more cleaning systems from Johan Holmér to their second line. In total, this customer has purchased six Infrasound Cleaning systems for their two lines.

Large order for delivery to United Kingdom

Another large Waste to Energy plant has placed an order for four large Infrasound cleaners for their economisers in two of their Grate fired boilers. They have been using explosion cleaning to keep the boiler clean, however this led to complications and expensive maintenance. The goal for this large project is to manage these maintenance costs and to increase the boilers lifetime and availability.

One of the largest furniture suppliers in the world hires Heat Management services

One of the largest furniture suppliers in the world has taken the step of becoming more sustainable by ordering multiple solutions to their manufacturing facility in Poland, an Infrasound cleaner being no exception. Ola Nordin worked closely with the customers supplier and made sure that they got a tailored solution, suited to their needs.