After the extraordinary success of Global Recycling Day in 2018 and 2019, thanks in no small part to the tireless support from people and organisations like your own, we are delighted to announce the theme for 2020 as #RecyclingHeroes.
Global Recycling Day 2020 will take place, as usual, on 18th March and will use the theme to look at a diverse range of topics – from #RecyclingHeroes cities where communities are pioneering innovative recycling practices, to schools or businesses that are #RecyclingHeroes.

We would love it if you could help us spread the word far and wide again in 2020. We have highlighted some suggestions below, but as ever, we know how creative the recycling and sustainability teams are across the globe, and we look forward to hearing about any ideas you might have (and of course, we would love to see you join in on #RecyclingHeroes across social media too!).

There is also the option for you to use your activations as a way to help fundraise for the Global Recycling Foundation. Any funding collected would be put towards educational programmes for the next Global Recycling Day in 2021. If you are interested in fundraising please contact