GAW Piloting for Wastewater Recycling in a Paper Board Mill in China

Water scarcity and environmental protection are the reasons a packaging board mill in China will recycle its wastewater effluent in their planned mill expansion.

GAW technologies has offered a cost efficient membrane based process which dramatically reduces chemical consumption and completely avoids sludge production.

The core process comprises an innovative nanofiltration technology followed by a reverse osmosis system. In order to optimize the large scale plant design and to save costs for the customer, a pilot plant will be operated at the customers site. The pilot plant consists of two fully equipped and automated containers. Operation and data logging can be handled remotely. The commissioning (in cooperation with local partners) is under way and the pilot will be started up completely timely.

This pilot operation is another showcase that GAW technologies is fully committed to support our customers in the pulp & paper industry with innovative, environmentally friendly and cost saving solutions – be it in coating & preparation, water- and wastewater treatment or automation and digitalization.