Fibre Excellence Provence launched its maintenance shutdown with an investment of €12 million

Located in Tarascon, in the south of France, the Fibre Excellence Provence market pulp factory has kicked off its maintenance shutdown. Lasting approximately one month, this shutdown will allow several projects to be completed, for a total investment of €12 million. This factory, which operates on a continuous fire and produces 250,000 t of pulp per year, regularly undertakes maintenance shutdowns during which production is interrupted in order to carry out the inspection, modernization and repair of certain equipment.

This year, the shutdown will make it possible to modernize the pulp press in order to improve the reliability of the installation, and to deliver very dry pulp of consistent quality. Major maintenance projects will also be carried out, with nearly 500 interventions at various points, notably at the level of the black liquor and biomass boilers, which will benefit from significant maintenance, as well as the lime kilns whose reliability and energy performance will be improved. Finally, the digester will also benefit from major repair work which will notably improve the stability of the process and thus continue to improve the environmental footprint of the site. In total, around 100 companies will be deployed at the factory alongside the 260 employees of Fibre Excellence Provence.

V. L.