FEFCO Technical Seminar – programme announcement

FEFCO is pleased to inform you that the Technical Seminar will take place on 9, 10 and 11 October 2019 at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.
FEFCO Technical Seminar is the only platform in Europe dedicated to the corrugated industry offering an incomparable combination of high-level seminar sessions, supplier presentations and an exhibition with more than 90 exhibiting companies. In 2017, the event was attended by 1000 participants. It offers an excellent opportunity to meet with decision makers from the corrugated industry and their suppliers from around the globe.
The event will focus on today´s and tomorrow´s technical challenges and solutions for our business. The conference theme is “Mastering our processes” where, with our suppliers, we will take our industry to the next level, improving and innovating both for today and the future.

  • 9 October

The conference will tell the story of a box from the customer order, through the corrugating process to final delivery. The first session will explore market challenges and technological innovations and their impact on order management planning. Paper is a beautiful material but it’s not always easy to work with. Temperature, moisture and other factors have an impact on the corrugating process and the quality of the board produced. FEFCO will present ways of achieving the flatness, strength and printability the customers demand. This will be followed by a review of EU policies and their impact on corrugated.

  • 10 October

The second day will start by exploring the possibilities of digital in converting and how it can drive improvements and add value. Is a move completely to digital a real possibility?
Maintenance is key for any production environment. A session will focus on mastering predictive maintenance to improve reliability, using a practical example to show the challenges and benefits.
Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzz word, but does it have a role in the corrugated industry? We will hear how AI could optimise the production process, reliability and resources. Then FEFCO will present its updated folding standard, which aim is to help companies to evaluate the folding quality of the boxes with a statistically sound approach. Finally, delegates will hear about a radically new concept in controlling moisture. The day will end with an update on the safety of materials and articles in contact with food, including corrugated.

  • 11 October

E-commerce offers real opportunities for growth in corrugated, but can the business keep up with the speed? We will hear views from both sides of the Atlantic.
Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and socially conscious. We will look at how to step up our value proposition and show the sustainability of corrugated products.
The FEFCO Health & Safety Committee has a strong focus on machine safety. FEFCO will explain how it works together with the industry suppliers to improve safety at production sites.
This session will end with case studies from across our industry, regarding a crucial topic which is key to business continuity “How can our industry find good employees, train them to be agile and keep them motivated to stay?”
Finally, we will challenge common beliefs about the corrugated business by offering a new perspective and market approach. We will round off with a panel discussion by high level industry representatives.