DS Smith supports the release of a climate-friendly cookbook

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign, “Cookprint cuisine”, an innovative cookbook, has just been published. It contains climate-friendly, simple recipe ideas, combined with information on Carbon-, Water- and Toxic-Footprint of individual foods. DS Smith is happy to sponsor with packaging to transport the books.

The “Cookprint cuisine” is based on food that is produced, processed and stored in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way and is nevertheless tasty and healthy. Ramona Sterflinger’s cookbook inspires a sustainable lifestyle with around 80 recipes and many tips and tricks.

“We have just announced our new sustainability strategy “Now and Next”. One of our goals is that by 2025 we will protect forests and enhance biodiversity wherever we operate,” emphasises Thomas Schuhbeck, General Manager Sheetplants at DS Smith Germany and Switzerland. “A sustainable lifestyle and diet that relies on sustainably grown food fits in very well with this in our opinion. We therefore decided to sponsor the transport packaging for “Cookprint cuisine”, as the book is mainly sold online.”

Incidentally, the “Cookprint” is a metric developed by the publisher that incorporates the Carbon-, Water- and Toxic-Footprint. Further information on the book and an order can be placed here: https://www.cookprint.de/shop/