DS Smith Presents Flexographic Printing Highlight

For a short while, the limited Constellations edition by Henkell whetted the shoppers’ appetite for a glass of sparkling champagne under the night sky. The exclusive bottle edition by Germany’s most-exported brand of sparkling wine was impressive, but the printed image on the transport and retail packaging, produced by DS Smith in flexographic preprint, was not any less so. The print is distinguished by the high colour brilliance, intense vibrancy, and razor-sharp image detail.

The fact that flexographic printing is continuously pushing into new markets is in no small measure due to technological innovation. In the packaging segment in particular, it is by now regarded as an attractive alternative for intaglio and offset printing. “Both flexographic pre-printing and flexographic post-printing are nowadays yielding excellent print results on corrugated board quickly and efficiently”, says Steffen Blankenburg, head of the printing department at the Fulda location of DS Smith. It is imperative, he says, for the precursor specialists, who prepare all the printing data and the printing plates, and the expert in charge of print and packaging production to work together seamlessly. “All process steps are completed in-house, from input to output”, adds Mr Blankenburg. “This ensures top printing quality and thus ultimately strengthens the identity of the brand message.”

Flexographically preprinted in 60-LPI halftone with five water-based colours plus varnish finishing, the transport and retail packaging of the limited special edition distinguishes itself through high colour brilliance and intensive vibrancy. Certain spots in the twinkling night sky are effectively accentuated with highlights. The photo-realistic printed image of the premium-quality bottle is impressive with its smoothly flowing lines and delicate details.  The glamour and the bohemian enjoyment of champagne, which is the gist of Henkell’s brand image worldwide, is visualised in an impressive way here: an absolute eye-catcher on the sparkling wine shelf, and brilliant sales figures at the point of sale.