DREWSEN Spezialpapiere invests in three wind turbines close to the plant

As the first step in a long-term plan to use locally generated renewable energy, DREWSEN is investing in three wind turbines. These are located approximately two kilometres from the mill and become property of DREWSEN today, 1st July.

“This investment is a first – albeit small – component in a long-term strategy of investing in locally generated renewable energy. With approximately 2,400 MWh per year generated by the three turbines, we can cover about one quarter of our external electricity demand in a renewable and climate-friendly way,” says Dr. Ludger Benien (Head of Technology). DREWSEN acquires the wind turbines from the Norwegian energy company Statkraft. “Selfsupply from locally produced renewable energy is becoming increasingly important, especially for electricity-intensive companies,” says Claus Urbanke, head of the German wind and solar business of Statkraft.

The company also plans to establish a photovoltaic plant in close proximity to the mill this year. The permit has already been granted and the plant components have been ordered. It is expected that by the end of September, the first self-generated solar energy can be used for paper production.

In total, DREWSEN plans to invest approximately 100 million euros over the next few years in order to gradually move away from natural gas as the primary energy source. From 2030 onwards, DREWSEN wants to have converted at least 80 % of the energy demand to renewable alternatives.

“We are convinced that we are on the right track to be able to produce sustainable papers that replace plastic, for example, with renewable and locally generated energy” reports Dr. Matthias Rauhut, CEO of DREWSEN.

Together with representatives from the local government and public authorities, DREWSEN is working intensively to become less dependent on fossil fuels, and to achieve the important goal of climate neutrality by 2045.