Ditch your outdated employee training method: Welcome to the future of raising competencies.

As the world is moving fast towards digitalization and IoT process, the paper industry is also following this trend with many key suppliers and service providers who are including different degrees of such technological advancement in their offers to their B2B customers. We are, without a doubt, living an incredible moment that is challenging individuals, organizations and the way business is being handled and how people interact with each other.

At IBC Paper Training, we understood a while ago what technology could offer and all the changes this would bring in the personal development and the skills training areas. In addition to that, the new generation arriving on the marketplace is much more at ease with digital tools, but struggle to adapt to the requirements of the paper and tissue operations and to the industry in general. This observation of this existing gap is often shared by producers who struggle to have the right talent to become quickly efficient and boost the productivity. As a result of all these observations, we have been constantly putting innovation at the core of our activity. We changed the concept of standard training into a more dynamic and interactive process such as Activ-e learning which is fully digital, to serve both the company’s objectives and the individual’s objectives, with products and services more focused on solutions for trouble shooting and ongoing development.

There is no way back and that every company must introduce some of the digital solutions to leverage their business while it is required to continue developing the competencies of their staff as they will continue to be their major assets.

IBC Paper Training  is a leader in solutions to raise people competencies, providing a wide array of products and services to improve professional skills for operators and technical staff of the pulp and paper industry. Those solutions include EXPLORE©  program to improve operators skills for troubleshooting ,EXPERT© tailor made program for machine start up crew trainings , Essentials© generic program , Webinars and consulting services to leverage training programs into tangible results.