ACOEM presents Bearing Defender, the starting point of the enhanced mechanic ecosystem.

As part of Industry 4.0, ACOEM is developing maintenance digitalization solutions to help companies better manage the maintenance of their production tools. ACOEM, through its ONEPROD brand, specialist in predictive maintenance for over 30 years, aims to enhance field operations through tools accessible on standard and connected mobile devices. With fewer people available to ensure a first level of action in a much larger field, and experts focused on the most critical machines, companies need solutions to improve their reliability program.

Mechanics must move to the 4.0 era!

ACOEM presents the first building blocks of the connected mechanic ecosystem with, on one hand, laser alignment using the Laser Kit application offered by FIXTURLASER (ACOEM brand) and, on the other hand, first-level automatic diagnosis with ONEPROD’s Bearing Defender.

The Bearing Defender solution allows operators to quickly and autonomously determine a machine fault and only call the expert when appropriate. Without setup needed, reliable and easy-to-interpret results are displayed within seconds on smartphone or tablet.

ACOEM Bearing Defender’s ease-of-use makes it an important tool for enhancing the reliability of machines. Accessible to staff of all levels, tests can be conducted very quickly in different situations: preventive inspections, tests in a repair workshop, measurements in operating conditions on suspected cases or during additional tests to validate the necessary intervention of an expert on a critical machine.

“Mechanics will be able to develop new capacities and deliver essential information for maintenance control in a few seconds. The monitoring of management costs for this equipment, not necessarily guaranteed until now, will be greatly enhanced.”

Bertrand Wascat, ONEPROD Marketing Manager

Your mechanic can diagnose your bearings in just 10 seconds with Bearing Defender.