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Initiated in 2007 and then constantly improved to bring it closer to the industrial conditions for recycling packaging, the CTP (Centre Technique du Papier) offers its latest development in 2021 for the recyclability test. On a pulp produced at 3%, the suspension obtained is classified in its entirety continuously on 2 Somerville devices placed in series: the first fitted with a sieve with Ø 5 mm holes to retain unwanted coarse or poorly disintegrated materials and the second with a 15/100 mm slotted sieve to remove smaller unwanted materials. A third Somerville equipped with a 10/100 mm slotted sieve makes it possible to control the removal efficiency of the 15/100 mm Somerville. If the cleanliness of the pulp at the end of fine screening step (15/100 mm) is insufficient, the pulp is sent to a heavyweight cleaner which is very effective in removing metal particles or certain adhesive particles. A complete test carried out continuously on the whole sample to avoid intermediate sampling which could lead to errors and makes it possible to verify the recyclability and to validate the eco-design of the packaging placed on the market.