COVID-19 : PEFC extends transition period for 2020 standards

This extension applies to the 2020 versions of the Chain of Custody (ST 2002), PEFC Trademarks (ST 2001) and Certification Body Requirements – Chain of Custody (ST 2003) standards. The transition date is now 14 February 2022.

This extension gives certified entities and certification and accreditation bodies an additional six months to align their procedures with the requirements in the 2020 versions of these three vital standards. The aim of the extension is to give our stakeholders more flexibility in when they move to the 2020 standards, as we understand the current situation is very difficult for many companies around the world.

In addition to this extension, we have also provided guidance to certified entities and certification bodies regarding auditing.

COVID-19: Auditing guidance for certification bodies and certified companies  134.67 KB

The document provides general procedures for the application of this guidance, as well as specific rules for initial and re-certification audits, surveillance audits and verification of corrective actions.

Find out more about transitioning to our 2020 standards

For certification bodies currently providing PEFC chain of custody certification services, we have provided comprehensive guidance on what you need to do in order to offer certification against the 2020 standards.

For PEFC chain of custody certified companies, there’s information on what the 2020 standards mean for your certification and how it will affect your use of the PEFC label. If you are not certified, but thinking about getting certified, we have also provided advice on what your next steps should be.