Circular Cardboard is born in Spain

The main associations of the value chain of industrial cardboard packaging formed by Afco (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of corrugated cardboard containers and packaging), Aspack (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Containers, Packaging and Cardboard Processing), Aspapel (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard) and Repacar (Spanish Association of Recyclers and Paper and Cardboard Recyclers), join forces to create Circular Cardboard, the SCRAP (Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility) dedicated to ensuring the correct management and recycling of cardboard packaging in the industry.

With the launch of this project, the paper industry intends to comply with national and European regulations for all agents in the packaging value chain, including packers. All this, in a context in which legislative pressure pushes companies and industries to prioritize ecodesign policies, to minimize environmental impacts and ensure compliance with the collection and recycling targets imposed on the sector.

According to Manuel Fernández, president of Repacar, “one of the objectives of Cardón Circular is to maintain the current management model for this waste that works very effectively, preserving the relationship between the producer of the waste and the manager. Including new agents in the management could make the process difficult.” To deepen this initiative, next April the industrial cardboard packaging value chain will organize an event whose call will be announced shortly.