Certified home-compostable ecovio® for extrusion coating on paper of food packaging

BASF extends its ecovio® portfolio for extrusion coating on paper and board by adding a certified home as well as industrial compostable grade for cold and hot food packaging. The new extrusion coating grade ecovio® 70 PS14H6 is food-contact approved and thus enables paper applications like cups and pots for dairy products, wrappings for sandwiches and cereal bars, bowls and trays for sweets and snacks as well as to-go cups for hot/cold drinks and soup. After usage, food packaging made of paper coated with ecovio® 70 PS14H6 can be composted either in garden home compost or industrial composting facilities according to national legislation. The new home-compostable biopolymer thus supports organics recycling and helps to close the nutrient loop to achieve a circular economy.