CENIBRA releases its 2020 Forest Stewardship Plan

CENIBRA released the public summary of its 2020 Forest Stewardship Plan, a document whose objective is to show its stakeholders aspects taken into account to ensure the sustainability of its forest-based production, short-, medium-, and long-term planning interrelationships, and continuous supply of wood to the industrial plant.

The Plan clearly describes the objectives, responsibilities, available resources, and strategies for adopting responsible forest stewardship practices. Its scope is based on the conscious use of natural resources and economic and social sustainability aspects of a forest-based enterprise.

Productivity, environmental protection, and the safety of employees and communities in which it operates are the focus of CENIBRA’s forest management and monitoring approaches. Its forest stewardship contributes to protecting and conserving local fauna and flora, creating direct and indirect jobs in the region, developing local businesses and service providers, and engaging with communities and stakeholders.

CENIBRA is located within the Atlantic Forest domain and takes measures to live harmoniously with this biome, such as management of mosaic landscapes and wildlife corridors that interconnect native forest fragments and enable the genetic flow of species, while reconciling regional biodiversity conservation and economic development. These strategies are validated through regular environmental monitoring of vegetation, wildlife, and water resources.


Click on https://www.cenibra.com.br/forest-stewardship-plan/ to access CENIBRA’s website and download the Plan document