Casmatic Zephyrus: the flexibility and modularity of Körber Business Tissue Area’s technology at the service of Fondazione Martacappelli Onlus

Casmatic Zephyrus is the technologic solution chosen by Körber Business Tissue Area for the packaging of Christmas items to be sold for charity by the Martacappelli Onlus Foundation. The aim of this initiative is the realisation of Casa Marta, the first paediatric hospice in Tuscany

Established in 2005, the Martacappelli non-profit Foundation aims at helping the families at the bedside of their children in the intensive care and sub-intensive care wards of the Meyer paediatric hospital in Florence, providing emotional and psychological support and concrete actions to help families along this delicate and complex path that their children are going through.

Körber Business Tissue Area has decided, with the support of its employees, to offer its contribution not only by donating its own people’s working hours, but also by putting its Casmatic Zephyrus at the service of the foundation, for the packaging of the gift parcels that the Martacappelli onlus foundation puts on sale to finance the project for the construction of the paediatric hospice in Tuscany. The centre will be designed to welcome children with chronic-complex pathologies in order to assist them, together with their families, in the delicate phase of transition from hospitalisation to return home. Panettone, pandoro and confectionery products will be packaged both singly and in Christmas boxes thanks to Körber’s employees and technology.

Casmatic Zephyrus, thanks to its modularity and flexibility, is the technological solution used to support the Körber Business Tissue Area employees in packaging the Christmas items in boxes of different formats, also enhancing the eco-sustainable aspect of the packaging: the boxes, in fact, through this solution can be made of recyclable cardboard.

“It was precisely because of these peculiarities that my team and I decided to put its advantages to good use in the packaging of Christmas products destined for the Martacappelli onlus Foundation. In fact, we believe that technological innovations should be put at the service of people in order to create something unique and special. We are proud and honoured to support the Foundation through the realisation of Christmas parcels, the proceeds of whose sale will be donated in charity for the realisation of Casa Marta, the paediatric hospice in Tuscany,” commented Francesco De Luca, General Manager Packaging Division Körber Business Tissue Area.

Körber Business Tissue Area has always been sensitive to the changing needs of the markets, not only in the tissue field, but also in different product sectors with similar needs and requirements, and offers innovative and technologically advanced solutions capable of supporting and developing their business in the best possible way.  In line with this thought, R&D Körber of Bologna, specialised in the design of machines for product packaging, has been pursuing for months the objective of offering better support by anticipating and responding to customers’ needs. An example in this direction is the Casmatic Zephyrus, which, thanks to its characteristics, can be used in different product sectors while maintaining the same performance in terms of modularity, elasticity and OEE.

“Opening up our technologies to different markets, this is the route we are taking as an all-round strategic partner. We believe that our solutions, the result of a technologically advanced research and development centre, can also be used to support charitable activities and initiatives. Technology should be conceived as a tool at the disposal of mankind to create something greater with the goal of a better future for all. This is why we are proud and honoured to support the Martacappelli onlus Foundation in this first Christmas project aimed at packaging Christmas products to be sold to charity and whose proceeds will be used to build Casa Marta.,” concludes Francesco De Luca.