Braincube launches OEE, a new application for calculating the OEE and optimizing the production conditions

On the occasion of the Global Industrie 2022 exhibition, Braincube, a French software editor for industrial transformation 4.0, enriches its offer with a new application: OEE. The application allows the calculation of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real time and lists the reasons why the current production conditions are below the optimal potential.

Braincube provides its customers with an IIoT (Industrial IoT) platform enriched with business solutions allowing the improvement of the performance of production chains through the intelligent exploitation of industrial data. The OEE application is one of these applications.

OEE is a common benchmark followed by many industries. However, tracking, calculating and reporting on OEE performance is time-consuming and does not allow for determining how to improve results.

Braincube’s OEE application makes it easy to track the OEE of all of a manufacturer’s assets:  production lines and plants. By having a single place to view this data, teams save considerable time on data manipulation. This allows them to take action based on the findings.

One consumer goods customer, a pioneer in the use of Braincube’s OEE application, was able to increase its OEE by 22% by helping managers plan daily production targets, taking into account the latest, real-time capacity of the plant. Operators are now able to react immediately to drifts or interruptions and correctly align efforts on the shop floor.

Available as a SaaS solution, Braincube’s IIoT platform and its OEE application can be deployed very quickly and deliver real results in just a few weeks.