Atip/Copacel Paper Days in Paris: IBS, Allimand and Siemens awarded Innovation Trophies

The French paper industry was strongly mobilized on November 23 and 24 during the Paper Days organized in Paris by Copacel and the Technical Association of the Paper Industry (Atip). The technical conferences allowed many companies to offer their latest technologies (Gaw, Kadant, Perfesco, Global Factor, Imerys, ABB, IBS, SKF, Megger, Bollfilter France, Maintech, AMO as well as Voith & BTG). For its part, Copacel dedicated its conference to the bioeconomy with speeches from the Club of Bioeconomists, Inrae and Carbone 4.

During the Evening of November 23 which was held at the Duplex restaurant (and which began with particularly appreciated and… fierce games of bowling!), Atip awarded its traditional Innovation Trophies. The Gold was awarded to IBS Papertech (photo), a manufacturer represented in France by the company Charles Roux. Its new iVision system makes it possible to continuously measure the quality of sheet formation at the headbox exit using high-performance cameras and AI software. As for the Silver Palm, it was awarded to Allimand for its Faros shoe press technology for reconstituted tobacco. Finally, the Bronze Palm rewarded Siemens Energy for its multi-ultrasonic robot system which measures the thickness of boiler tubes and storage tanks.

The organizers have already announced that in 2024, the Paper Days will take place, still in Paris, on November 21 and 22.    V. L.