At Krasnokamsk paper mill, cutting-edge manufacturing technology produces banknotes and specialty papers

Heidenheim, Krasnokamsk. With the opening of its new production facility in Krasnokamsk on September 28, 2018, the Russian Goznak Group has commenced operation of one of the world’s most modern paper machines for banknotes and specialty papers. The entire plant was developed under the direction of Voith.

The Russian Goznak Group has been developing and producing various products that are important for the state’s ability to function and for the citizens’ everyday life since 1818. To coincide with its 200th anniversary, the manufacturer of security products like banknotes, coins, passports, postage stamps, revenue stamps, ID cards, secure documents, government orders and medals, security and specialty papers successfully commissioned the PM 7, one of the world’s most modern production facilities for banknotes and specialty papers, at one of its eight locations in Krasnokamsk in central Russia.

The guests at the official opening ceremony included Alexej Moiseev, Deputy Russian Finance Minister and Chairman of the Board of Goznak, and Alexej Chibisov, Minister of Industry, Economic Affairs and Trade for the Perm region. In his address, Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, pointed out : “Within a few years, we worked with the designers, equipment suppliers and contractors to create a production complex that is one of the best in the world.”

And Voith was on board from the very start. The technology group was responsible for the overall planning of the facility, providing expertise and technologies that were a crucial factor in the outstanding success of the new facility. Highly efficient machines from Voith, the integration of the group’s innovative solutions and a high degree of automation allow Goznak to produce paper with cutting-edge security features.

One of the key components of the paper machine is the forming section. It contains a MasterVat, an optimized uniflow vat in which the watermark is created at the same time as the banknote paper, and the ShortFormer for the first ply of the two-ply papers. Both of these components ensure the high quality of the products. At the same time, they allow the integration of reliable security features or multi-colored watermarks.

The high degree of automation in Krasnokamsk is the cornerstone for the security of the papers. For example, there is an automatic quality control in all phases of paper production. At the same time, this increases the efficiency of the plant and helps to substantially reduce raw material losses and running costs.

Through their very close collaboration based on a spirit of trust and partnership, Voith and Goznak have created a benchmark for future plants with the facility in Krasnokamsk, says Wolfgang Neuss, Director Sales and Technology Banknote and Security Paper Machines at Voith.