Arapepco in Syria restarts its PM1 rebuilt by Toscotec

The Arab Company For Paper Products Ltd. (Arapepco) successfully started up its PM1 at Khan Al-Asal paper mill, near Aleppo, Syria, after a major rebuild supplied by Toscotec. The paper machine features a reel trim width of 2,850 mm, 800 mpm design speed, and produces fluting and test liner in the range of 105 to 200 gsm using 100% recycled paper. Toscotec carried out a complete rebuild of PM1 from the press section to the pope reel.

Previously, the paper machine was rebuilt by Toscotec in the forming area with the installation of a TT Headbox and modification of the Fourdrinier section, as well as a dryer section rebuild.

The latest rebuild comprises the press section, dryer section and pope reel. The former included the supply of a combi plus jumbo press and a size press. For the dryer section, Toscotec provided its energy-efficient TT SteelDryers featuring 10 bar maximum operating steam pressure, and a tail threading system with air and rope. The supply also included some approach flow system equipment, TT Unirolls, as well as a completely new pope reel and a rewinder unwind stand.

The targets of the rebuild are to increase PM1 production capacity, to extend the range of products produced and to improve paper quality.

Hasan Badinjki, Chairman of Arab Company for Paper Products Ltd., says, “This project is a miracle. We implemented it during the conflict with Toscotec’s support and it truly required all our efforts to get to today’s result. We upgraded the machine with the latest technology and it is currently performing very well. Arapepco aims to install a top layer in 2021 to meet increasing market demand especially for white top.”