Another A.Celli iDEAL® forged YD has been delivered

Another new generation Yankee A.Celli was shipped and delivered.

The main and patented construction features of the forged A.Celli iDEAL® Yankee, which distinguish it from others on the market, are the following:

– forged and grooved shell,

– bolted and thermally insulated heads.

The shell is made from a single piece of steel, heated to more than 1200 ° C, moulded and processed using forging and hot rolling systems, from which a cylinder of homogeneous material without welds is obtained. The internal processing of the grooves, also patented, has an innovative design that reduces the possibility of deformation of the shell, minimizing the stress on the edges, and ensuring a better heat transmission, with a consequent increase in the drying capacity of the Yankee.

The peculiarity of the structure, gives a solidity capable of withstanding 2 bar pressure variations, without effecting the paper quality and the machine runability.

The heads, characterized by a patented ceramic insulation that minimizes heat losses, are fixed by means of bolts to the mantle, eliminating even in this case the need for welding, in another area of high stress.

The result is an innovative and unique product on the market, consisting of homogeneous material, seamless and of very high manufacturing quality. In the first twelve years of use, maintenance costs can be reduced by 95%, since the typical safety checks on welds are not necessary, which moreover involve periods of machine downtime and consequent loss of production.

Energy consumption, thanks to the optimization of shell and heads, is reduced compared to the standard.

The A.Celli forged Yankee production range includes diameters from 10.5 ’to 22’.

The new generation Yankee was conceived by our R&D team and developed in collaboration with our Product Manager for Yankee Dryer, Eng. Clive Butler.

Clive has a thirty years experience in the paper industry and is responsible for all the technical and quality aspects of Yankee Dryers. He is an active member and former chair of the TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Subcommittee.