ANDRITZ to supply non-condensable gases (NCG) incineration system for Bracell’s new pulp mill in Brazil

ANDRITZ has received an order from Bracell to supply the non-condensable gases (NCG) incineration system on EPCC basis for Bracell’s pulp mill Project “STAR” in Lençóis Paulista, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

The incineration system supplied by ANDRITZ enables safe and environmentally friendly treatment of all types of diluted or concentrated malodorous and toxic gases, thus meeting the strictest environmental and social requirements. The gases are eliminated by quench-type incinerators with flue gas scrubbers.

The NCG incineration system is based on ANDRITZ’s self-developed A-Recovery+ concept, which focuses on use of the side streams in the recovery cycle. This order confirms the good relationship between Bracell and ANDRITZ, which is one of the main suppliers of Bracell’s new pulp mill currently being built in Lençóis Paulista.