ANDRITZ Digital Factory achieves CMMI certification – setting a new standard in software excellence

ANDRITZ has attained Level 3 certification under the prestigious Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) scheme for its cutting-edge approach to software and digital product development at the ANDRITZ Digital Factory (ADF) in Zagreb, Croatia.

Originally designed to assess software developers for the US Department of Defense, CMMI is a globally recognized benchmarking scheme that sets the gold standard for evaluating and ensuring the maturity of digital development processes.

Setting the bar for quality standards

Level 3 CMMI certification underscores ADF’s proactive approach to software development. This achievement provides assurance for customers in industries such as the metals, pulp and paper, hydropower, textiles and green energy industries that rely on dedicated software solutions to automate and optimize their systems and processes.

Andreas Eibegger, Managing Director, ADF, states: “Our customers need certainty that our software provides the highest levels of quality, reliability and security. CMMI Level 3 certification goes beyond mere code development, showing our commitment to professionalism and quality across company management, governance, and reporting.”

Proven excellence via thorough assessment

During the certification process, ADF opened its doors to assessors from the CMMI Institute, sharing its documentation, processes and portfolio of projects. The assessors carried out a rigorous evaluation of the organization and conducted interviews with employees in a process that culminated in a two-week assessment.

Miroslav Kelekovic, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, ADF states: “Our pursuit of CMMI certification, Level 3 was a natural choice. As a startup within the ANDRITZ GROUP, we blend agility with structure – enabling rapid development and integration of customer requirements while ensuring that our solution can be maintained, adapted, and fortified over time.”

Looking ahead and beyond

Due to the nature of CMMI, ADF is constantly improving its processes, quality and security based on feedback and experiences. The next target will be CMMI’s more stringent Level 4 certification. This will further solidify its commitment to excellence in digital innovation.