AMACO Group from Lebanon opens its doors to shed light on the tissue converting business

Amaco Group, a leading manufacturer of Tissue paper onverting machines in Lebanon, held its traditional “Open House” earlier this month. The event is organized periodically in Sidon, to meet partners, specialists and experts and to review the latest innovations, solutions and technologies.

Officials, leaders from the private sector, experts in the Tissue paper industry, as well as major customers of Amaco and its partners from Lebanon and the world participated in this event.

During the open exhibition, which lasted for several days, AMACO Group welcomed the Director General of the Ministry of Economy, Dr. Mohammad Abu Haidar, President of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and the South, Mohammad Saleh, and some Chamber board members, with some Tissue Paper converting companies from Lebanon and the region.

Ali Mahmoud Al-Abdallah, President of Amaco Group, said: “We hold this event periodically, to inform the industrial sector in general and specialists in the Tissue paper industry in particular, about the latest developments in this field.We take advantage of the opportunity to meet with our partners and friends to announce our latest innovations in the world of Tissue paper converting machines on the one hand, and to shed light on the modern technology that pushes this industry forward on the other. Amaco always develops and modernizes its machines to keep pace with global developments in this field.”

Al-Abdallah added: “We are pioneers in Tissue paper converting machinery, not only in Lebanon and the region, but also at aglobal level, as the markets in which we are active include Europe, South America, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as countries in Asia.  What distinguishes us in the market is our continuous innovation and integrated after-sales services, which allow our customers to enhance their production capacity and achieve significant savings during the operation of machines, as well as obtaining the best specifications and quality of products in the market.”

He continued, “We are sending from here, the Echo of Tissue Paper Industry from AMACO to the world.”

During the Open House, AMACO’s guests visited various departments of the company, where they were briefed on the high standards used in the industrial process, and also inspected the machines that AMACO provides to the local, regional and international markets.

A technical team from Amaco provided detailed explanations about the Tissue paper converting machines that are manufactured, and the approved modern technologies that lead to the provision of industrial machines with international specifications, in addition to their production capabilities and the quality standards used in production.

Then the guests were briefed on the company’s business model, which includes a strong after-sales service given that it is responsible for the proper work of the company’s machines after the sale, as well as that it is based on an integrated work system that provides very distinctive capabilities at the level of technical support , This section also provides consultations that allow the business sustainability of clients in various circumstances.

Explanations were also given about departments such as sales and customer relationship management in AMACO, which is responsible for achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, through a well-thought-out work system.

The company’s work team also presented the spare parts department, and the digital support channels that are adopted to meet the needs of customers at a high speed.