Alfilpack develops an innovative homologated cardboard coffin to answer the funeral needs

Coronavirus crisis is pushing coffin supplies to the limit, forcing manufacturers to take exceptional measures to meet increasing demand, which has increased by over 50% in the last month.

The Valencian company Alfilpack, specialized in industrial packaging solutions and member of the Packaging Innovation Cluster, has developed an innovative cardboard coffin, certified by AENOR, to respond to the funerary needs that, in cases like this, are unfortunately experienced worldwide due to this lack of supply caused by the pandemic.

According to Alfilpack’s sources, “we studied how we could contribute to sanitary crises, in addition to the production of protection equipment, which is generally being positively contributed to by other companies in the sector. For these exceptional situations, our team has worked hard to certify one of our packaging designs so that it may offer an elementary service as a coffin in the management of victims and their transfers“. In this sense, the company has worked on a project “in line with our social responsibility policy, which aims to respond to the high funeral demands“, they add.

In its design, Alfilpack has applied all the protection, resistance and durability measures required by the highest standards of approved packaging.

The system developed by the company is made of cardboard and is a very efficient solution “since it can be manufactured nationally and internationally without risk of shortage of materials, quickly and easily, providing a reduction in storage space, to supply perfectly folded,” says the company.  The aim is to be able to collaborate with governments and states at a national and European level so that they can manage these needs in such disastrous circumstances as the one generated by this health crisis.

Certified by AENOR

This system has achieved in record time the homologation by AENOR with a double objective. Firstly, to meet the same quality requirements as conventional coffins, including that of being suitable for cremation, for which it has the AENOR B66/000037 certificate.

In addition, it also has AENOR Environment B66/000036 certification, since it is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, it is ecological, and has a smaller carbon footprint since it does not use other materials such as varnishes, paints or metal decoration. “With these certificates we want to guarantee the necessary confidence for its use in difficult situations, because it is a very sensitive and emotional subject that needs professional answers”, conclude the people in charge of the entity.

The industry moves against the Coronavirus

This initiative of Alfilpack is one of the examples of how the companies of the Packaging Innovation Cluster are responding to the health crisis with actions that demonstrate their responsible commitment to society, marked by a large dose of innovation and creativity, adapting their experience to uses never before seen.

The Packaging sector, apart from playing a strategic and essential role in providing service to basic goods, as has been demonstrated in this crisis, also responds in a broad way to all kinds of social problems. In this case, applying packaging engineering also to times when solutions are needed so that governments and states can answer all kinds of demands.