Ahlstrom (France & Italia), Softys (Chile), CMPC (Chile), Villa La Garina (Italia), Trupal (PERU), Tpap (Tunisia), Confidential (Taiwan), … forwards Orders this year for Forming & Dryer Fabrics cleaners to Kadant Nordic AB.

Until today, Kadant Nordic received more than 1300 M-clean™ orders all over the word from Wood board panel, Pulp, Tissue, virgin and recycled Papers. M-clean™ Cleaners will be installed on Forming, Press Felt and all Dryer Section.

The Power M-clean™ Cleaner is highly effective in maintaining cleanliness, permeability of Fabrics, provide a lot of energy gain & water saving. Which is exactly the reason that more than 300 Mills chose Kadant Nordic. According planning today, more than 20 equipment are scheduled to be delivered in Q1, 2023 and installation & start-up one month later.