AFRY accelerates the transition in Bioindustry

In response to industry developments driven by the internationalsustainability agenda as well as changing consumer behaviour, AFRY isplacing even greater strategic focus on Bioindustry as one of its core focusareas. With a strong forest industry heritage, AFRY will leverage its widerange of offerings to provide a holistic set of services across managementconsulting, engineering, projects, operations and digital solutions.

Growing sustainability awareness is calling for continuous development of new value-added solutions in traditional pulp & paper industry as well as in biofuels, biochemicalsand other advanced bioproducts such as biomaterials, and biogas. Resource scarcity isincreasing the pressure to fully utilise raw materials, which calls for a circular economyapproach supported by digital solutions throughout the value chain.

Reliance on fossil based raw-materials needs to be reduced and availability andaccessibility to sustainable bio-based materials needs to be secured. Sustainability isnot only created by shifting to bio-based materials, it also requires smart and efficientuse of resources, utilisation of waste and side streams as well as reuse and recycling.

“The bioindustry transition offers endless opportunities but also requires increasedinvestments from the industry sector. Our value chain and lifecycle expertise help toaccelerate the Bioindustry business. Digitalisation will increase opportunities evenmore and we are well positioned as a company to support our clients in the journeyahead”, says Nicholas Oksanen, Head of Process Industries at AFRY.AFRY’s mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society.

Waterscarcity is a global issue that is related to climate change and in order to make theBioindustry sector even more sustainablewe are committed to providing solutionsto reduce pulp industry water use in existing facilities by more than 20% tomeet our clients’ sustainability targets. With this sustainability commitment AFRY,together with the whole process industry sector, takes one step closer to the targetslaid out in the UN sustainability goals.For further information, please contac