Adestor by Lecta: Growing our Presence at Label Industry Events

Recently, Adestor by Lecta proudly sponsored three key self-adhesive label industry events. These gatherings were more than meetings; they were hubs for innovation, networking, and reaffirming our pledge to excellence and sustainability in the labelling sector.

The XXV Congress of AIFEC Asociación was a touchpoint for sustainable practices. At the FINATlabels European Label Forum 2024, the focus was on knowledge, networking, and efficiency as essential tools for today’s busy label printers. The GIPEA – Gruppo Italiano Produttori Etichette Autoadesive 2024 Congress was last, with two days of in-depth discussion on sustainable creativity and the future of labelling.

Our role at these events was far from bystanders. As a sponsor, Adestor by Lecta cemented its status as a key player in Europe for sustainable labelling. We did not just attend; we engaged, exchanged, and showcased solutions. Our innovative products are designed to empower businesses to meet their labelling needs while protecting our planet. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we look forward to strengthening these meaningful connections at future events.

Thank you to our colleagues who represented us at these events. Their expertise and passion are pivotal in our commitment to innovation and a more sustainable future.