ACA RoQ roll quality analyzer deliveries over 200 units!

A development work for a new analyzer was initiated by the roll industry customers that were lacking reliable instrument for roll hardness. In June 2014 we launched ACA RoQ – roll quality analyzer, a mobile device that revolutionized the roll hardness test practice. ACA RoQ did not only fulfill the needs of the roll hardness measurement, but also it exceeded the roll industry expectations for the reliability of the data and its applicability to solve various issues throughout the entire value chain. For example:

    • To determine the cause of specific roll defects such as soft edges, wrinkles, bagginess or telescoping
    • As a process control tool for calendaring or winding
    • As a quality control tool to check rolls before they are shipped to a converter
    • To eliminate problematic rolls before the cause issues in a converting / printing machine ie. reduce web break rates

No wonder, the instrument has been a big success in the roll industry among roll manufactures and converters. The deliveries exceeded 200 units in January 2019. A new state of the art in roll quality investigation has been set.