ABB Web Inspection Systems upgraded successfully!

Papertech, a member of the IBS Paper Performance Group, has developed a simple and economical way for upgrading existing ABB Web Inspection Systems (WIS). The solution is based on the proven and constantly improved WebInspector® WIS technology, providing customers with maximum confidence regarding the availability of spare parts and service. Using existing components reduces costs, complexity and the associated application engineering expenses.

As part of the upgrade, Papertech’s matrix or linescan cameras seamlessly replace the existing cameras and processing cards. While the existing lighting can be retained, it is advisable to upgrade to the slim and energy-efficient WebLED lighting technology, which operates with low power consumption and high output, requiring no active cooling. This streamlined approach not only simplifies installation but also substantially decreases energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Papertech’s WebInspector® is based on non-proprietary camera and processor technology. With hundreds of WebInspector® WIS units in operation around the world, customers have achieved excellent results in paper quality control on all types of paper grades using Papertech’s advanced AI neural network based defect analysis and classification.