ABB delivers microwave consistency meters to greenfield pulp and paper mill in Greece

ABB has completed delivery of KPM KC7 microwave consistency sensors to a new paper mill in Pelasgia, Greece, owned by integrated paper and packaging company Unipak Hellas Central S.A. This is the first time a customer has opted to use high-quality microwave only, rather than a combination of different measurement technologies, throughout an entire facility.

KPM KC7 employs microwave true-phase technology, which is proven to provide precise total consistency measurement of mixed pulps, different quality pulps and pulps with fillers, regardless of flow rate, for superior process control. Mills can achieve the most representative, accurate, reliable measurement unaffected by process variables or obstructions. Additionally, the transmitter has no moving parts, enabling high equipment uptime and minimum maintenance.

The inline, dual-plate design is equipped with an optional retractable temperature sensor for hard processes. The flow-through model fits pipes up to 16″ diameter for the most representative results. The KPM KC7 solution is suitable for blend/mixing chest, machine chest, recycled pulps and pulps with changing quality (freeness, kappa, ash).

“By choosing to install ABB’s microwave consistency transmitters, Unipak Hellas is further increasing efficiency,” said Jihad Hasrouni, Division Process Improvement Manager at Unipak Hellas. “It is part of our company’s drive to boost production capacity of recycled corrugated case material, such as testliner and recycled fluting grades, at our mill in Pelasgia.”

“Our customer only brought the mill online in 2023 and we’re looking forward to their team realizing the benefits of solving all consistency problems with one kind of sensor,” said Erik Teunissen, Area Sales Manager at ABB. “ABB is pleased to work with Unipak Hellas to deliver a complete one-order solution encompassing the delivery of the sensors along with technical support.”