A Creative Interplay of Dual Images in Lecta’s 2020 Calendar

A visual nod at the unique numerical features of 2020

2020 is the only year in the 21st century whose digits are formed by repeating a two digit sequence, an extraordinary phenomenon that will not occur again until 2121.
Lecta has reflected this unusual occurrence in its 2020 calendar. Twenty twenty: two twos, two zeros, two twenties. Two looks, two flowers, two cups of coffee, two children, two… Two half dozen beautiful images embodying the idea of “duo” as the protagonist.

The calendar celebrates the appeal and expressive power of duality as opposed to repetition, as the individual qualities of each duo are not identical but parallel.
To highlight the depth of the colors and details of the photographs, Lecta chose a coated silk paper from its extensive range of high-quality papers for the publishing sector.