A.Celli Celebrates 80 Years of Activity

A History of Industrial Excellence and Continuous Innovation since 1944

This year, the A.Celli Group celebrates a historic milestone: 80 years of activity. The company, founded in 1944 by Alvaro Celli, has become one of the most significant and prestigious industrial enterprises in the Lucca and international business scene. To commemorate this important anniversary, an institutional event was held on June 27th, attended by the A.Celli Group’s top executives as well as the highest institutional figures and prominent personalities from the district and the region.

During the celebration, the Group’s years of history were retraced, highlighting achievements and future challenges. Memories and recollections illustrated the stages of a steady journey that has seen the company emerge in an Italy grappling with post-war reconstruction to evolve its technological value, expanding its business beyond the borders of Italy and beyond its own sector.

Today this entity, which over time has transformed into an industrial group, directly employs more than 300 people and generates more than a thousand induced jobs. Turnover in 2023 reached 200 million euros, with over 95 percent exported to more than 60 countries around the world. The group is firmly present in Asia, the Americas, China and Turkey, with two production plants in Tassignano and Rughi – dedicated to the paper and nonwoven markets, respectively – covering 25 thousand square meters and a third plant nearing completion in Porcari.

The event, essentially dedicated to the memory of the founder Alvaro and the recognition of the second entrepreneurial generation composed of Piero and Marco Celli, marks only the beginning of a cycle of multiple activities to celebrate the 80th anniversary. Over the course of a calendar year, other forms of collective commemoration will follow, such as the release of a series of documentary videos, the publication of a volume of memories and other surprises that will directly involve all employees.

Indeed, the cycle of activities will culminate with the inauguration of a new production plant currently under construction. The new site represents a further step forward in the A.Celli Group’s growth strategy, still firmly in the hands of the family with Mauro and Alessandro Celli at the helm of the holding. Equipped with the most modern technologies, it will allow the company to increase its efforts in the intralogistics solutions sector and respond even more efficiently to the needs of global markets.

“Reaching 80 years of activity is a milestone that testifies to the solidity, innovation, and adaptability of the A.Celli Group,” says Alessandro Celli, Shareholder of Italia Technology Alliance. “A success built thanks to the dedication of the founder, the perseverance of his descendants, the professionalism of the collaborators, and the trust of clients and international partners. Today, we have taken the first step in our commemoration and celebration journey. With the inauguration of the new plant, scheduled for mid-2025, the Group is preparing to complete the year of celebrations and write new chapters of its history, continuing to represent made-in-Italy excellence around the world.”