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Eeva Sipilä appointed Metso's interim President and CEO as of February 3, 2018

Metso’s Board of Directors have appointed CFO Eeva Sipilä as Metso’s interim President and CEO as of February 3, 2018. The current President and CEO Nico Delvaux will leave his duties on February 2. His resignation was published on December 18, 2017. The search for a new President and CEO is under way.

2018-01-22 
Kemira Oyj: Proposals of the Nomination Board to the Annual General Meeting 2018

The Nomination Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting of Kemira Oyj that six members be elected to the Board of Directors and that the present members Wolfgang Büchele, Shirley Cunningham, Kaisa Hietala, Timo Lappalainen, Jari Paasikivi and Kerttu Tuomas be re-elected as members of the Board of Directors. In addition, the Nomination Board proposes that Jari Paasikivi be re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Kerttu Tuomas be re-elected as the Vice Chairman. All the nominees have given their consent to the position.

The Nomination Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the remuneration paid to the members of the Board of Directors will remain unchanged. The remuneration paid to the members of the Board of Directors would thus be as follows. The annual fees : for the Chairman EUR 80,000 per year, for the Vice Chairman and the Chairman of the Audit Committee EUR 49,000 per year and for the other members EUR 39,000 per year. A fee payable for each meeting of the Board of Directors and the Board Committees would be for the members residing in Finland EUR 600, for the members residing in rest of Europe EUR 1,200 and for the members residing outside Europe EUR 2,400. Travel expenses are proposed to be paid according to Kemira’s travel policy.

In addition, the Nomination Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the annual fee be paid as a combination of the company’s shares and cash in such a manner that 40% of the annual fee is paid with the company’s shares owned by the company or, if this is not possible, shares purchased from the market, and 60% is paid in cash. The shares will be transferred to the members of the Board of Directors and, if necessary, acquired directly on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors within two weeks from the release of Kemira’s interim report January 1 - March 31, 2018. The meeting fees are proposed to be paid in cash.

The Nomination Board has consisted of the following representatives : Pekka Paasikivi, Chairman of the Board of Oras Invest Oy as the Chairman of the Nomination Board ; Antti Mäkinen, Managing Director of Solidium Oy ; Reima Rytsölä, Executive Vice-President, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Mikko Mursula, Chief Investment Officer, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company as members of the Nomination Board and Jari Paasikivi, Chairman of Kemira’s Board of Directors as an expert member.

2018-01-22 
ANDRITZ to upgrade evaporation plant at Stora Enso’s Enocell Mill in Finland

ANDRITZ has received an order from Stora Enso to increase the capacity of the evaporation plant of their Enocell Mill in Finland. Start-up of the upgraded evaporation plant, which was originally delivered by ANDRITZ in 1992, is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2019.

The upgrade to the existing evaporator train, using ANDRITZ’s lamella evaporation technology, will increase the mill’s black liquor evaporation capacity from 600 originally to 800 t/h. The proven ANDRITZ lamella technology utilized for the evaporator’s heating surface provides for a high heat transfer while being extremely easy to clean, thus maximizing plant availability and minimizing time required for washing of the heating surface.

The ANDRITZ scope of supply includes two new evaporation units, additional surface condensers and the related piping and erection work.

Enocell Mill is part of Stora Enso’s Biomaterials division and will be converted entirely to produce around 430,000 tons of dissolving pulp per year.

2018-01-22 
Stora Enso signs a global framework agreement with IndustriALL Global Union, UNI Global Union and the Building and Wood Workers’ International

The renewable materials company Stora Enso signed today a global framework agreement (GFA) with the three global unions at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva. Observer signatures were made by the presidents of the Swedish Paper Workers’ Union, the Swedish Union of Forestry, Wood and Graphical Workers’, and the Finnish Paper Workers’ Union.

Stora Enso strives to provide a safe and rewarding workplace for employees and contractors, and to be an attractive employer to potential recruits. Respect for human rights is a top priority for the group. Through the GFA signed today, Stora Enso will work with the three global unions in order to uphold fundamental labour rights throughout its global operation and subsidiaries. Stora Enso will strive to implement the principles of the GFA throughout its supply chain, by continued adherence to the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

“We strive for a working environment where all our employees are treated with respect and in a fair manner. We are continuously working to make sure that all our units comply with the requirements. By signing the Global Framework agreement, we show our commitment and take the next step in this important area,” says Stora Enso’s CEO Karl-Henrik Sundström.

IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary, Valter Sanches, stated at the signing : “I congratulate Stora Enso and welcome our new formal relationship that gives us the means to uphold workers’ rights throughout the company’s global operation. I call upon other pulp and paper manufacturers to follow this example.”

Stora Enso reiterates its commitment to ILO core standards, and the UN Global Compact and OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises. In addition, the GFA signed today includes e.g. principles on occupational health and safety, the prohibition of child and forced labour and all forms of discrimination, which have been an integral part of Stora Enso’s policies.

2018-01-19 
Quva® Flow proactive alarm system

With the Quva® Flow proactive alarm system, our customers receive refined meaningful information in the right form, in real time and for the right people. Instead of offering a generic tool or platform, we configure our service to answer our customers’ concrete needs. Quva® Flow’s real-time time series data optimized data analytics enables anticipatory operations by warning of problems even before any economic loss has been caused. A more extensive and real-time overall picture of your process data enables you to maximise productivity.

2018-01-19 
ANDRITZ to supply another paper machine to Zellstoff Pöls, Austria

ANDRITZ has received an order from Zellstoff Pöls AG, Austria, to supply a large paper machine for the production of bleached kraft paper grades. At the Pöls location, the ANDRITZ PrimeLine MG plant will produce environmentally friendly MG paper for flexible packaging and release applications. With an annual capacity of 100,000 t and a design speed of 1,400 m/min., PM3 is setting a new benchmark in the production of this type of product. The unique machine design enables the production of grades with low basis weight and highest strength at best printability and smoothness levels. Start-up is scheduled for mid-2019.

The scope of supply comprises the entire stock preparation line and approach flow system. One key component is the ANDRITZ Vertical Screw Thickener, which thickens the pulp efficiently from a consistency of three percent to between 25 and 30%. The complete MG paper machine with its high-precision MG cylinder is the centerpiece of the plant. The PrimeDry MG cylinder with a diameter of 24 ft (7.315 m) will be the largest of its kind worldwide. Besides full responsibility for the technology, the ANDRITZ scope of supply also includes the automation equipment, an extensive range of services, and the basic and detail engineering.

This order confirms the very successful partnership between Zellstoff Pöls and ANDRITZ. At the end of 2013, both partners successfully started up PM2 at the Pöls location, and this has been the benchmark for MG specialty paper machines worldwide ever since then.

With this investment, Zellstoff Pöls – the largest manufacturer of high-quality Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) sulfate pulp from bleached softwood in Central and Southeastern Europe – is extending its paper production capacities for MG paper grades at the site in Pöls.

2018-01-19 
FPAC statement on uncoated groundwood duties

the US Department of Commerce imposed unwarranted countervailing duties up to 9.93% on imported Canadian uncoated groundwood paper (newsprint).

Forest Products Association of Canada strongly believes that these duties are completely unjustified and protectionist in nature. We call on the federal government to stand with us and the over 4,500 hard-working Canadians from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador who could be impacted by this frivolous trade action.

As it has with the softwood lumber dispute, this trade action will bring real harm to U.S. workers and businesses, impacting over 600,000 American jobs. We applaud the leadership of the many Democratic and Republican U.S. Senators, and the publishers of over one thousand small and medium-sized U.S. newspapers who have demanded that Washington not impose countervailing and anti-dumping duties on Canadian newsprint.

Canada is the largest exporter of newsprint in the world and according to the US Department of Commerce ; Canadian newsprint paper exports to the United States totaled about 1.6 billion USD in 2016.

2018-01-18 
Forest sector applauds Canada’s filing at wto to fight for jobs and communities affected by U.S. duties

Today the Government of Canada launched a complaint against the United States challenging Washington’s use of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties. Canada said U.S. procedures broke the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Anti-Dumping Agreement, the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes.

“These rates tabled last night by the U.S. on uncoated groundwood paper represent the third action that stands to hurt hard working men and women in our mill communities across Canada,” says Derek Nighbor, CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada. “These duties are unwarranted and without merit and we 100% support the federal government’s “WTO filing” position. Canada and the U.S. share a longstanding and important relationship, but in the face of these unfounded trade actions it’s important that our government defends Canada’s interests”.

2018-01-18 
Sonoco Implementing Price Increase for All Uncoated Recycled Paperboard Products

Sonoco  today announced it is implementing a $50 per ton price increase for all grades of uncoated recycled paperboard (URB) in the United States and Canada, effective with shipments beginning February 19, 2018.

“A positive of the robust economy is solid backlogs at our mills. A challenge that the growing economy presents is inflating input costs such as we are seeing in freight, energy and a host of other paper-making consumables. Sonoco must seek to recover these inflating costs in the market,” said Palace Stepps, division vice president of sales and marketing for Sonoco’s U.S. and Canada paper and adhesives.

2018-01-18 
Recard: second machine for Tunisia’s Azur Papier

A growing, strengthened relationship between Recard and Azur Papier, the company belonging to the group Lilas SAH (Société d’Articles Hygiéniques) headquartered in Tunis, that once again chose the Lucca company to enhance its production capacity. The supply entails a turnkey plant, with two virgin fiber stock preparation lines, a feeding unit, two rewinders and ancillary equipment, and is earmarked for the Zriba facility, 60 km south of Tunis, with start-up scheduled by the end of 2018. PM2 will have a production capacity of 115 tpd, a working speed of 1800 m/min and a net sheet width of 2750 mm. The new plant can run using the two stock prep lines and the Kadant deinking system currently feeding PM1, the first Recard machine supplied, running at 1500 m/min and producing 80 tpd.

“And it was actually the results obtained with PM1 together with the efficient assistance service and the optimal inter-personal relationship with Recard”, underscores Jalila Mezni, President, CEO and majority shareholder of Lilas SAH – featured by “Forbes” in 2015 among the one-hundred most influential women in the Arab world – “that naturally led us to choose the company again for PM2. Recard’s corporate dimensions are a guarantee and a certainty that we will be considered special customers and not merely a number.”

Created in 2009, Azur Papier began producing in 2013. Before the supply of PM1, its activity was exclusively focused on converting. Thanks to the trust placed in Recard, it decided to also move into the realm of production with a view towards strengthening the group’s independence as far as tissue supply is concerned.

2018-01-18 
A.Celli presents its new business unit

With a view towards, INDUSTRY 4.0, Extreme Automation is the A.Celli Group’s answer for the efficiency of the production system.

Research, innovation and competitiveness are the drives for company progress.

And today more than ever, the revolution the great process change that affects every industrial sector and that A.Celli has interpreted through a precise vision christened « Extreme Automation ».

The A.Celli Group firmly believes in a production process that uses the new technologies dictated by the Industry 4.0 revolution and that can yield a more immediate and concrete production optimization during the individual process phases. Certainly the most interesting and useful aspect is centered on managing the data acquired, on the possibility of filing them for future reference, making them the object of a more accurate analysis, to transmit predictive maintenance programs to operators and to act on the system and eliminate defects or non-conformities. And all this in order to maintain the machine park at a superior level of efficiency/productivity, guaranteeing a better final product quality.

2018-01-18 
Business acquisition: Protacon challenges traditional engineering companies

Technology company Protacon has purchased Descal, a global operator in industrial investment projects. With the transaction formalised in January, the company climbs to the top of service providers for the pulp, paper and energy industries.

With the merger of Protacon and Descal, Finland gets a much-needed global player whose services cover the entire life cycle of industrial investment projects.

“We will represent a novel player in the industrial integration market combining industrial expert services and system deliveries to create a more coherent ensemble. In the future, the customer can get everything from a single source : one independent supplier will provide engineering design, automation systems, electric drives, condition monitoring and production quality assurance, as well as Industry 4.0 solutions and tools for management by knowledge. The industrial revolution creates new demand to which this combination efficiently responds providing at the same time new opportunities for the best players of the industry”, says Protacon’s CEO Timo Akselin.

Protacon operates in ten locations in Finland. Descal has offices in Kouvola and Mikkeli and the company employs around 50 people. With the transaction, Protacon’s number of employees will exceed 300 and the corporate turnover is expected to increase to over EUR 30 millions in 2018. At the initial stage, Descal Engineering Oy continues to use its former name and current management group operating as Protacon’s 100% owned affiliate.

“The merger of Descal and Protacon creates a possibility to expand to a market that has been until now impossible to the two companies on their own. The merger enables us to better develop our operations in areas in which we are already strong, such as our engineering and calculation knowhow for seismic regions. Protacon brings strong competence in electrical, instrumentation and automation fields ; therefore, we will be able to offer our customers more extensive service packages in the future. Activities in international markets will also be easier, as we can cater to our customers’ needs from one source”, explains managing director Kimmo Kerttula from Descal Engineering.


Wider range of services compared to a conventional engineering company or systems supplier

Until now, Protacon has mainly provided its industrial customers with electrification, instrumentation and automation design including automation, electric drive and information systems. Plant and mechanical engineering has been in a smaller role.

With the transaction, Protacon’s services in plant engineering will strengthen in a remarkable way. Process engineering will become a strong new area and calculation services will be complemented by world-class knowhow. The merger also brings synergy to production analysis services, in which both companies are already active.

“Descal was selected as the most suitable among several operators to complement Protacon’s range of services. Descal is an exceptionally well-run undertaking and renowned for its high-quality engineering services provided as turnkey deliveries. Its special strength areas include strength of materials and other calculation services providing a good support to process industry engineering. The company’s headquarters are optimally located in Kouvola. We seek strong growth in Descal’s current business areas and aim to establish an electrical and automation team in Kouvola in the near future”, Mr. Akselin says.

The transaction is Protacon’s second business acquisition this year. A week ago, the company announced a merger between Protacon and Netwell Oy, which aims to reinforce their business of digitalisation of communication and management.

2018-01-17 
Valmet to supply a repeat order of OptiConcept M board production line for Pratt Industries in North America

Valmet will supply an OptiConcept M board production line with automation for Pratt Paper (IN), LLC for Pratt’s new greenfield paper mill in Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA. The mill will use 100% recovered paper to produce lightweight and high-performance linerboard and corrugated medium. This will be the second OptiConcept M board production line for Pratt and is repeating the order of PM 16, which successfully started up in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA, in 2015. The start-up of the new board machine, PM 17, is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The order is included in Valmet’s fourth quarter of 2017 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The value of an order of this type is typically around EUR 40-50 million.

"Start-up of the previous Valmet-supplied OptiConcept M (PM 16) in Valparaiso, Indiana, was exceptional. We have also been able to exceed some of the design features of the machine resulting in very good production figures. Both board machines in Valparaiso and Wapakoneta are showcases for the latest in 21st century paper-making technology," says Anthony Pratt, Global Chairman of Pratt Industries.

Valmet OptiConcept M board making line is designed to use less water, electricity and raw materials."We want to help many companies to meet their sustainability goals without sacrificing their high-performance packaging requirements. That’s important not only for our environment but also for our customers who realize the importance of sustainable packaging," says Pratt.

Technical details about the delivery

Valmet’s scope of delivery will be similar to the Pratt PM 16 started-up in 2015 with a complete OptiConcept M board production line from headbox to winder with a wide scope of automation.

"OptiConcept M is a new and modular way to design, build and operate a paper machine. Its modular approach enables short delivery times, quick start-up and low project costs. This will be Valmet’s second OptiConcept M installation in North America and 15th globally. We are all proud to continue the work and cooperation with Pratt on this project," says Mike Gray, Vice President, Capital Business, Valmet North America.

The new machine will have a wire width of 6.24 meters and a design speed of 1,100 m/min (3,900-4,000 ft/min) with a basis weight range of 127-195 g/m2. The capacity will be 360,000 metric tonnes per year (400,000 short t).

2018-01-17 
Production disruptions impact profit negatively

The difficulties with production availability continued in the fourth quarter 2017 which impacted sales volumes negatively despite a very strong market. Operating profit (EBIT) for full year 2017 is calculated to be approximately MSEK 2 240 which is lower than expected but gives a margin of 10 percent.

It is mainly the production facilities in Gruvön and Gävle that are affected, which impact sales negatively within business areas Consumer Board and Corrugated Solutions.

“Despite historically record high production volumes we are of course not satisfied with the recurring production disruptions in our facilities. Therefore, we now intensify our action plan to increase the stability and availability in our production. To ensure the operational stability will be my main focus going forward. We have strengthen the organisation that work proactively with both availability and quality at our facilities which will generate result going forward, says Petra Einarsson, President and CEO BillerudKorsnäs”.

The results are still preliminary and have not been reviewed by the auditors

2018-01-16 
DIENES system days – a complete success

In mid-December, experts gathered at DIENES in Overath for the system days. DIENES showed slitting systems in final assembly.  The exhibited systems will be used to cut a wide variety of materials, so that interested parties from a wide variety of industries such as paper/ cardboard, labels / adhesive tape, aluminum / non-ferrous metals film/foil / plastic / nonwoven / textile, rubber and composite materials / composites could get an idea of slitting possibilities at DIENES.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers" says Dietmar Fritz, Head of Sales and Marketing, "to experience our slitting systems live was a real highlight for the visitors. Individual customer
- specific problems could be discussed on the real system and DIENES was usually able to offer a  direct and quick solution."

2018-01-16 
Ence reaches sales agreements for 2018 for 100% of its pulp production

Ence - Energía y Celulosa has closed cellulose sales agreements for 2018 for 100% of its production target. The agreements reached represent an increase in the company’s pasta sales over those reached in 2017 and assure Ence lower discounts than in 2017 on reference prices.

It should be noted that Ence has obtained such agreements in advance to previous years and under more advantageous conditions. Behind this is the strength of the world pulp market, with prices in the high part of the cycle that are expected to be maintained during the coming years in view of the growth of demand in a very positive macro environment and without new capacities of cellulose planned for before 2020 or 2021.

Likewise, it should be noted that almost all of the sales agreements will be destined to Europe, the market with the highest sales margins and where Ence has strong competitive advantages in terms of logistics and service compared to its Latin American competitors, the area where the largest eucalyptus cellulose producers are located.

The high quality of Ence’s cellulose, its production flexibility and ability to adapt to the demands of the client companies together with its "just in time" service strategy make it possible for the company to have a high penetration in the continent, where it is the third by market share.

2018-01-16 
Cartulinas CMPC Maule first to buy PulpEye in Chile

The Chilean folding boxboard maker Cartulinas CMPC S.A has bought two PulpEye online analyser systems to its mill in Maule, one of the world’s biggest folding boxboard mills. This is the first PulpEye order to Chile. One system will be installed in the BTMP pulp mill and the other in the board mill’s stock preparation.

Cartulinas CMPC S.A., an affiliate of Empresas CMPC S.A., manufactures and markets folding boxboard since 1951. Cartulinas CMPC S.A. produces its folding boxboard products in two mills, one located close to the city of Valdivia and the other in the Maule region. Inaugurated in 1998, the Maule mill is located 280 km south of Santiago and has an output capacity of its board machine of 380,000 tonnes per year in the grammages 200 – 400 g/m2.

The PulpEye analyser for the BTMP production is initially equipped with modules measuring fibre and shive modules and the blow line sampler RefinerEye. In the stock preparation the PulpEye unit is equipped with a module for freeness. The order also includes a complete control package as well as the new PulpOnTarget package for calculation of bulk and strength properties on the end product.

2018-01-15 
Valmet's new moisturizer for self-adhesive laminators corrects all kinds of curl and cross-direction moisture profiles

Valmet has introduced a new compact moisturizer, Valmet IQ Converting Moisturizer, for self-adhesive laminating lines. This application-matched solution corrects all kinds of curl and cross-direction moisture profiles and complements Valmet’s quality management system offering for self-adhesive laminators.

"With IQ Converting Moisturizer, self-adhesive label manufacturers can control curl much faster and more accurately compared with conventional steam or spray systems. Its remoistening capacity is up to five times higher compared with conventional systems, making it an excellent choice for high-speed lines, too. The new moisturizer can be connected to CD/MD controls to stabilize product quality during speed and grade changes," says Mikko Talonen, Business Manager, Automation, Valmet.

Valmet IQ Converting Moisturizer is a compact micro droplet moisturizing system based on the industry’s most advanced family of moisturizing systems. Its air-atomized micro-droplet nozzles with a 50-mm spacing are controlled with high-accuracy linear water control valves.

2018-01-15 
New paper machine planned by VPK Packaging Group

VPK Packaging Group plans to invest in a new paper machine for light weight recycled containerboard to strengthen its sustainable resource management.
Following acquisitions and organic growth, VPK’s packaging division has experienced a significant expansion. Recent acquisitions include ICS Europaks in Ireland (2015), Peterson in Scandinavia (2016), SolidPack in the Netherlands (2017) and a participation in Corrboard in the United Kingdom (2017).
To increase the integration rate thereby optimising the operational balance of resource management, VPK has decided to invest in a new paper machine for light weight recycled containerboard. The investment aims at an additional capacity of 400.000 tons, to be operational by 2020.
The location for the new paper machine is currently being assessed. With its strategic location within VPK’s packaging network and the possibility of leveraging synergies with the high performing, existing infrastructure and paper making expertise, the Blue Paper site in Strasbourg is a likely investment location.

2018-01-12 
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) further refutes allegations and announces it will invite stakeholders to review the facts in relation to the allegations made

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) further refutes the allegations made by the Associated Press (AP) stories of 19 and 20 December, and announces it will be inviting its stakeholders to review the facts in relation to the allegations made.

Firstly, as in previous statements, APP has made clear that allegations that various ownership structures have been deliberately used for the purposes of systematically avoiding sustainability commitments have been made without proof. All APP suppliers are held to the same high standards, regardless of ownership. The allegations made with regard to ownership and the integrity of the supply chain are also not new, and these are allegations that have addressed by APP in the past.

2018-01-12 
Preliminary information on Metsä Board’s sales and profitability in the fourth quarter of 2017

Due to suspected information security breach Metsä Board Corporation announces preliminary information on sales and profitability in the fourth quarter of 2017.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, sales were approximately EUR 451 million, comparable operating result was approximately EUR 54 million and earnings per share were approximately EUR 0.12. Figures are based on preliminary unaudited information.

Metsä Board Corporation will publish its 2017 Financial statements bulletin on 8 February 2018.

2018-01-12 
Voith and Suzano Papel e Celulose Strengthen Successful Technological Partnership with the Start-Up of Two Tissue Machines

São Paulo, Brazil : As part of its strategy to expand into the tissue segment, Suzano Papel e Celulose, the world’s second-largest eucalyptus pulp producer, commissioned Voith Paper, a global technology leader in innovation for the paper industry, to supply complete production lines for the manufacture of sanitary (tissue) paper.

The multinational German group successfully concluded the start-up of two complete double-width XcelLine VTM 4 machines installed in the Brazilian paper manufacturer’s plants in Imperatriz (state of Maranhão) and Mucuri (state of Bahia). Each machine has the capacity to manufacture approximately 220 metric tons of paper per day at a speed of 2,000 meters per minute.

According to Fabio Prado, Executive Director for Consumer Goods at Suzano Papel e Celulose, Voith’s partnership is strategic for the company’s operational and business objectives. "Voith has been Suzano’s partner for decades, and we are absolutely convinced that the high-performance machines supplied to our sanitary paper mills in the Northeast of Brazil and Voith’s management service in the supply of auxiliary equipment will enable us to achieve excellent productivity rates, as well as to offer the best paper in the Brazilian market", states Prado.

Voith’s XcelLine machines feature seamlessly coordinated and integrated components, technologies and services that enable fast start-up, excellent performance and high added value for its customers’ investments. Voith’s scope of supply includes technologies that enable increased productivity and a lower use of energy and natural resources, including the MasterJet Pro T headbox, the Crescent Former, the modern NipcoFlex T shoe press, the EvoDry Y steel plate Yankee cylinder, the high-efficiency EcoHood T drying hood, the EcoChange T reel with automatic spool exchange, and complete automation packages.

Voith supplied both projects in the PLP (Process Line Package) concept, including all auxiliary equipment and services for the machine’s complete operation. The new VTM 4 in Mucuri (state of Bahia) was put into service in September 2017, while the machine installed in Imperatriz (state of Maranhão) was started up at the end of November.

2018-01-12 
UPM recognised as a Water Efficiency Frontrunner in China

UPM has been recognised as a Water Efficiency Frontrunner in Jiangsu Province and China at large. As a frontrunner, UPM will serve as a benchmark for the industry and lead the promotion of water efficiency in China. In total, 11 companies received the highest recognition nationwide. UPM is the first, and only, company to obtain the highest recognition in Jiangsu Province.

"Located next to Shanghai, Jiangsu is an important industrial base ; with an economy of 7.6 trillion Chinese Yuan (EUR 972 billion) the province has second highest GDP in China, right after Guangdong. Jiangsu also has the strictest water and air emission permit limits in China", says Lisheng Jin, Environmental Manager, UPM Changshu Mill. "When putting this recognition in this context, we can be extremely proud of our achievement," he continues.

The Water Efficiency Frontrunner is one of the key initiatives launched by the government to reduce industrial emissions

The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), together with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ) in 2016.

The qualification process for the Water Efficiency Frontrunner was very stringent. UPM was commended for its systematic water management system, accurate and reliable control systems and long-term investments in several technologies and processes that have significantly improved water efficiency at the mill.

"Over the past 10 years we have reduced water consumption at the Changshu mill by 60% per ton of paper produced. While many small improvements have contributed to this achievement, we made major progress with the renewal of the waste water treatment plant in 2015. With the "More with Biofore in China" programme our ultimate goal is to eliminate the direct waste water discharge from the Changshu Mill," Lisheng Jin stresses.

2018-01-12 
Julien Bras honoured by IMT and the Academy of Science

The prize, which was created by the Mines-Télécoms Institute (IMT) and the Academy of Science, rewards outstanding scientific contributions at a European level, in three areas : the science and technology of industry’s digital transformation, the science and technology of the energy transition and environmental engineering. The "Prix Espoir IMT - Académie des Sciences" is awarded to a scientist based in France, or working elsewhere in Europe in close conjunction with French teams, whose work has led to the emergence of breakthrough innovations and processes and who has contributed to research in partnership with the world of business.

Julien Bras has been Associate Professor at Grenoble INP-Pagora since 2006. He was previously employed as an engineer by a company involved in the paper sector in France, Italy and Finland. Not only is he Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts (LGP2), he also heads the Multiscale biobased materials (MatBio) team.

For more than 15 years, his research on cellulose at a nanometric scale has been geared towards obtaining high-performance biomaterials and developing uses for these renewable resources. Closely controlling cellulose fibre destructuring and restructuring processes may open the way for a wide variety of materials that could be used in a vast range of fields with a minimal environmental impact. The originality of his work lies in his adoption of a cross-disciplinary and multiscale approach to the hybridisation of biological (enzymatic), chemical (alteration with acids or bases) and physical (grinding, homogenisation, extrusion) processes, so as to develop ways of controlling the structure of cellulose continuously from nanometric to metric scale and to obtain final products that are industrialisable and industrialised.

His scientific output stands at 111 journal publications with a high impact factor. The industrial potential of Julien Bras’s research is illustrated not only by his collaborations, but also by the nine patents he has filed and, in particular, the two start-ups that he has helped to set up : Poly-Ink, which specialises in the production of transparent conductive inks for the electronics industry, and InoFib, which produces nanocellulose for the paper, composites and chemical industries.

2018-01-12 

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