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International Paper & Ilim Group celebrate 10-year partnership in Russia

During a recent U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC) in New York, Mark Sutton, Chairman of the Board of USRBC and Chairman and CEO of International Paper, with Zakhar Smushkin, Chairman of the Board of ILIM, reflected on the results of their successful 10-year strategic partnership in Russia.

The Joint Venture has successfully carried out what represents the largest foreign investment program to date in Russia’s pulp and paper industry. Over $3.2 billion dollars has been invested in modernizing existing facilities, and building state of the art infrastructure including the world’s largest bleached softwood kraft pulp mill in Siberia using innovative equipment as well as a state-of-the-art paper machine in Arkhangelsk region producing premium class products.

The secret to success has been underpinned by both parties’ commitment to commercial and operational excellence while at the same time contributing to the sustainable development of Russia’s forestry industry. All six million hectares of forestland leased by the Group are certified in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, and the Group’s mills are among the country’s largest and most efficient forestry enterprises.

Over the decade, ILIM Group have remained dedicated to supporting the development of the local communities where they operate. During this time, the Group has invested over $65 million dollars in supporting educational, medical and cultural programs, and has created thousands of jobs.

Zakhar Smushkin noted :

« Thanks to our synergy, ideology and common strategic vision, we were able to establish a successful long-term partnership. I am confident that the Group will further develop, as it aimed to innovations. Today we are considering various scenarios for future growth. We continue to explore potential opportunities to invest in our own assets as well as possible M&A opportunities. We look forward to continuing to move forward together with International Paper. »

Mark Sutton commented :

« We are extremely proud of our partnership with the ILIM Group. This is a strategically important partnership for us in a strategically important market. Our joint success over the decade is reflected in our steadfast commitment to cooperate together and provide an unrivalled product and experience for our customers. »

2017-11-09 
August Koehler SE paper mill trusts in Voith

Investment in “Flexible Packaging” Efficient large-scale production of thermal papers and flexible packaging papers

Heidenheim. The August Koehler SE paper mill has awarded Voith the order for a new production line for machine-glazed specialty papers. Line 8 is to be installed at the company’s Kehl facility and consists of a BlueLine stock preparation unit, wet end process, XcelLine paper machine, offline coating machine and VariPlus winder. Designed for up to 120,000 metric tons per year, Line 8 will produce a flexible range of thermal papers and flexible packaging papers and will therefore be one of the most efficient specialty paper machines in the world when it goes into operation from the summer of 2019.

2017-11-09 
BillerudKorsnäs Launches SteriKraft® Protect AR – a new polymer reinforced medical paper

To answer the need for higher performance medical packaging systems, following the standardization regarding Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices, BillerudKorsnäs has developed and now launches a new polymer reinforced paper SteriKraft® Protect AR.

The standardization, Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices ISO 11607-1, 5.5 Storage & Transport, has led to more rigorous and realistic ship testing protocols which have, in turn, shown the need for higher performance medical device packaging systems. To answer this need, BillerudKorsnäs has developed a new polymer reinforced paper, SteriKraft® Protect AR.

SteriKraft® Protect AR is designed as a heat seal coating base but will also seal peel to selected advanced peelable films without needing a coating. More challenging applications such as large drape & gown packs, spinal needles, IV catheters etc. will benefit from the extra performance offered by SteriKraft® Protect AR. As with all other papers in the BillerudKorsnäs SteriKraft® range, Protect AR is fully approved under the relevant sections of EN868 and ISO 11607-1.

"The key benefit of the polymeric addition is to provide some stretch to the paper which results in much improved tensile energy absorption (TEA). TEA gives a good measure of the durability of the paper under shipping conditions," explains Jonathan Andrews, Business Development Director Medical at BillerudKorsnäs.

World launch at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf
The new BillerudKorsnäs SteriKraft® Protect AR will be displayed for the first time at Compamed tradefair “Hightech solutions for medical technology” 13-16 November in Düsseldorf, Germany. Visit our stand, Hall 8b G09, to find out more about Protect AR and the rest of BillerudKorsnäs’ SteriKraft® range.

2017-11-08 
UPM Raflatac introduces new Forest Positive concept and RAFNXT+ range of sustainable labeling

Forest Positive brings significant benefits for nature because it not only ensures net zero deforestation, but is also proven to promote biodiversity, improve water quality, and enhance the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide. The innovative RAFNXT+ range has a carbon potential that is up to 20% more carbon positive than standard paper labels.

The RAFNXT+ range optimizes the use of raw materials, using less energy and water, and generating less waste during its lifecycle compared to standard labels. It provides a competitive edge for printers and brand owners alike in terms of both sustainability and efficiency, with fewer reel changes delivering savings in downtime and start-up waste, lower packaging and transportation costs, and increased storage capacity for both raw materials and finished stock.

The new range includes labeling solutions for a wide variety of applications, including retail labeling, labeling of packaged food, and labels for transport and logistics applications.

"With RAFNXT+, customers can differentiate themselves with our Forest Positive concept and by using labels that are proven to be 20% more carbon positive than standard paper materials. Furthermore, they can also enhance their productivity thanks to the optimized raw material efficiencies that RAFNXT+ delivers," explains Jon Lenck, Director, VIP & Prime segment, EMEIA, UPM Raflatac.

"Forest Positive is a unique approach to the forest lifecycle that goes far beyond deforestation to actively enhance natural capitals," says Robert Taylor, Sustainability Director, UPM Raflatac. "It’s carbon positive, which means the forests that we choose to source our raw materials from can absorb up to double the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the RAFNXT+ production process," he continues.

2017-11-08 
UPM and the Government of Uruguay sign an investment agreement to establish a competitive operating platform for a possible new pulp mill in Uruguay

UPM and the Government of Uruguay have signed an investment agreement, which outlines the local prerequisites for a potential pulp mill investment. The agreement details the roles, commitments and time-line for both parties as well as the relevant items to be agreed prior to the final investment decision.

The agreement defines the requirements for the operating environment of a world-class pulp mill project. The site of the mill would be close to the city of Paso de los Toros, in the department of Durazno in central Uruguay.

A long-term industrial operation requires stable and predictable operational environment. This will be supported by several measures in the areas of regional development, environment, forestry and land planning as well as labour and energy conditions.

Infrastructure development as key enabler

The Government will develop the rail and road network by tendering the construction and long-term maintenance of the network. The total investment by the Government has been reported to be approximately USD 1 billion. This investment is necessary to enable the establishment of efficient logistic infrastructure in the Uruguayan inland. The Government will also promote concession for a terminal specializing in pulp in the Montevideo port with rail access in order to secure reliable and competitive outlet to export markets.

Once the permitting requirements are fulfilled, the Government will grant the mill a free trade zone status, which is necessary to ensure competitiveness on international markets.

UPM will carry out an engineering study and permitting process for a pulp mill with an annual capacity of about 2 million tonnes of eucalyptus market pulp. The preliminary estimate for a pulp mill investment on site is approximately EUR 2 billion.

In addition, a successful project requires off-site investments in plantation land and forestry, road network and nursery capacity, harvesting and transport equipment, rolling stock for the rail, export facilities and human development.

"Robust infrastructure is elemental for industrial development. The Government of Uruguay is stating their serious intent with this agreement and timeline. The agreement sets the foundation for UPM’s planning of a state-of-the-art pulp mill investment," says Jaakko Sarantola, UPM’s Senior Vice President, Uruguay Development.

Global demand for sustainable pulp continues its strong growth

"A competitive world-class pulp mill must have a solid wood supply, well-working logistic infrastructure and efficient mill operations. The environmental performance of the mill would be secured with competent and engaged personnel and with best available technology. When in operation, the mill, forestry and related activities would employ 8,000 additional people in its full value chain. The operations would also have a significant positive impact on the central and north-eastern regions."

"The signing of this agreement confirms that we are now entering the second preparation phase of this prospect, which is expected to take some 1.5 to 2 years. Achieving significant progress in the implementation of the infrastructure initiatives is critically important for the final investment decision," says Sarantola.

"The world megatrends support a strong growth of the market pulp demand. UPM’s customers value the stable quality of the Uruguayan eucalyptus pulp and hence Uruguay could be a competitive alternative for addressing UPM’s pulp market opportunities in the 2020s. The possible new capacity in Uruguay would support UPM’s multifibre strategy ; to serve customers in growing hygiene, packaging and speciality end-use segments," concludes Sarantola.

2017-11-08 
Burgo supports Vancouver's Declaration

Companies that use natural resources have the duty to ensure the resources come from responsible sources. The Vancouver Declaration is a public promise, with which companies of all sizes and origins are committed to contributing to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015, while underlining their commitment to a more sustainable forestry chain.

The Declaration was presented during the 2017 FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, last October ; in addition to Burgo, other companies signed in support of the initiative : IKEA, H & M, SIG, Marks & Spencer, Jysk, Mitsubishi Paper Mills and Fuji Xerox. This declaration will have a positive impact on three key areas of sustainability : environmental, social and economic.

2017-11-07 
Stora Enso delivers cloud-based intelligent packaging solutions enabled by Microsoft

Stora Enso has joined forces with Microsoft to bring cloud-based intelligent packaging solutions to clients globally. Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso utilizes Microsoft Azure, the leading cloud platform for business digitalization. The global and scalable cloud platform from Microsoft enables reliable and secure data collection and analytics for clients investing in innovative intelligent packaging solutions.

Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso integrates widely adopted RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology which enables the product to be tracked, traced and tamper-proofed throughout the entire supply chain. Moreover, the technology allows communication between the brand-owner and the end-user using an NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled smartphone. Comprehensive data management and analytics capabilities are vital to all intelligent packaging solutions. Through the Microsoft cloud service, all data are collected for analytics to support and improve business efficiency.

“Microsoft Azure offers a scalable and trustworthy platform for us and our globally operating clients. Now packaging data can be collected and analyzed anytime and anywhere, allowing customers an unprecedented amount of valuable information from supply chain performance to consumer behavior. Merging renewable packaging with intelligent, cloud-based features supports a more effective and profitable business”, says Teemu Salmi, Senior Vice President, CIO & Head of Digitalization at Stora Enso.

“We are proud to work with Stora Enso in the new era of intelligent packaging solutions. Microsoft Azure delivers Internet of Things services which Stora Enso is leveraging to better serve their customers and provide fast service development, scalability and global reach. Stora Enso’s intelligent packaging is a great example of the kind of innovative new services enabled by the Microsoft Azure platform”, says Marc Jalabert, General Manager, Marketing & Operations at Microsoft Western Europe.

Stora Enso and Microsoft are currently involved in multiple projects for intelligent packaging with large international enterprises in diverse industries.

2017-11-07 
Apple’s Tim Cook plants trees at Iggesund, acknowledges Holmen’s climate-smart efforts

When Apple CEO Tim Cook wanted to discover more about the sustainability work that lies behind the paperboard material Invercote, he visited the forest outside Iggesund in Sweden. The manufacturer, Iggesund Paperboard, is part of the Holmen forest industry group and is at the forefront of sustainability. Present to discuss with Tim Cook were Holmen’s CEO Henrik Sjölund and Iggesund Paperboard’s CEO Daniel Peltonen.​

2017-11-07 
ANDRITZ to supply evaporation plant to Iggesund Paperboard AB in Sweden

ANDRITZ has received an order from Iggesund Paperboard AB, a member of the HOLMEN GROUP, to supply a new evaporation plant and rebuild an existing evaporation plant for the pulp mill in Iggesund. Start-up of the new plant is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019 and of the rebuild for the fourth quarter of 2019.

The new 7-effect high dry solids evaporation plant will have a capacity of 350 t/h evaporated water. It will replace an old ANDRITZ evaporation line from the 1970’s and significantly enhance energy efficiency at the Iggesund mill. The state-of-the-art technology of the evaporation plant will improve the cleanliness of the condensates produced, which are reused in other processes in the pulp mill.

2017-11-07 
Vacuum dewatering - a successful method for nanocellulose tests

Laboratory drainage tests become difficult for suspensions containing a large proportion of fines or nanocellulose due to the small sizes of these elements. Already ten years ago scientific studies proved that vacuum dewatering is the best method in these cases. PulpEye’s Dynamic Drainage Analyser, DDA 5, is hence increasingly used by companies involved in nanocellulose development.
“Nanocellulose is a hot research area and we have noticed that our DDA 5 is more and more used for drainage analyses of nanocellulose suspensions”, says Elias Sundvall, Product Manager responsible for development and aftersales for DDA 5 at PulpEye. “When we developed DDA 5 two years ago, one important feature compared with DDA 4 was the ability to run at a higher vacuum. This we knew was necessary for drainage analyses of nanocellulose, as it is a much slower drainage process than e.g. pulp suspensions.”
“Not only a higher vacuum is needed in these cases, but also much finer wires allowing nanocellulose molecules to form a sheet on the wire. We have therefore, developed a range of DDA 5 wires to cater for all drainage needs. For nanocellulose drainage analyses, customized wires with an extremely fine mesh are also available on request.”

2017-11-06 
New owner for Kotkamills Imprex Oy

In relation to the strategic review process concerning the Imprex Business, Kotkamills Imprex Oy’s sole shareholder Kotkamills Oy has on 12 October 2017 signed a share purchase agreement concerning the sale and purchase of all issued and outstanding shares in Kotkamills Imprex Oy to Dongwha Enterprise Co. The transaction has been completed on 31 October, 2017. The enterprise value (on a debt and cash free basis) of Kotkamills Imprex Oy is EUR 27 million.

The disposal improves the Kotkamills group’s cash position and operating profit, but Kotkamills Group Oyj does not expect it to have significant impact on the issuer’s balance sheet.

2017-11-03 
A.Celli Paper S.p.A appoints new Latin America Director

A.Celli Paper S.p.A is pleased to announce that Guido Dellagnelo has been appointed Latin America Director.

Guido will be based in São Paulo (Brasil), with the main focus to identify new market opportunities and to define the required actions to generate additional growth and business opportunities within the Latina America geographical area.

Simultaneously Sonia Bertetto, as A.Celli Paper Area Sales Manager for Latin America, will jointly work with Guido by providing all necessary support from the headquarter located in Tassignano (Lucca, Italy) with the purpose to grant the best service to our customers.

We welcome Guido aboard and wish him a great success together with the A.Celli Group Team.

Prior to joining A.Celli Group, Guido Dellagnelo had already gathered a significant experience in the tissue industry, where he managed several key national accounts, developed and oversaw market segment product strategy and promoted international market business development.

 “I believe that, owing to his managerial skills and extensive experience in the Latin America area, Mr. Dellagnelo will become a significant support member of our sales team,” alleged Mario Fazzi, A.Celli Paper S.p.A Managing Director.

2017-11-02 
Lecta Presents Its New Book, "Vertical"

The allure of multiple points of view with Lecta’s coated papers.

"Vertical" is the latest edition of the conceptual creative challenge that Lecta undertakes yearly to highlight the quality of its range of publishing papers.

This year’s book features a series of striking images taken vertically from different perspectives and distances. It combines photography and the imagination in a variety of singular images that vary depending on the photographer and spectator’s point of view.

The magical play of what seems to be and is not, of the visible and less visible, of what is close and far away runs throughout the pages of this carefully prepared publication.

"Vertical" has been printed on three of Lecta’s premium coated publishing paper grades : Condat matt Périgord, GardaMatt Ultra and the new GardaPremium Natural, showing the outstanding print results that can be achieved regardless of paper choice.

2017-11-02 
Stora Enso to divest Puumerkki, a wholesaler of wooden building materials

Stora Enso has divested 100% of its shares in the Finnish Puumerkki Oy and the Estonian Puumerkki AS to Mimir Invest AB, a global investment firm. Puumerkki is a specialised wholesaler of wooden building materials and was 100% owned by Stora Enso.

This divestment supports Stora Enso’s Wood Products division in focusing on its growth strategy and further build on the strength of the premium portfolio of products and services. Puumerkki’s wholesale business does not belong to Stora Enso’s core business. The new owner is in a better position to give Puumerkki the attention it deserves and ensure its long-term development. Puumerkki will continue to be a key customer for Stora Enso’s renewable building materials also going forward.

Puumerkki’s sales in 2016 were approximately EUR 160 million, and it has approximately 170 employees. The transaction was finalised immediately, and it will have no significant impact on Stora Enso’s operational EBIT or net debt. Stora Enso will book a loss of EUR 8 million in its operational EBIT in the fourth quarter of 2017 as an item affecting comparability (IAC).

2017-11-02 
Valmet will supply an automation system for Blue Paper's new SRF boiler in Strasbourg, France

Valmet has been selected to supply a Valmet DNA Control System for the new Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) boiler Blue Paper SAS is building in its site in Strasbourg, France. The order was included in Valmet’s third quarter of 2017 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The delivery is scheduled for early 2018, and process start-up is planned for spring 2018.

"We already use Valmet DNA system to control the major part of our Energy and Paper making processes. It will be for sure an advantage for our operators and maintenance technicians to keep the same DCS environment also for the new SRF plant. Indeed, our know-how and experience of many years with this system, as well as also our good cooperation with Valmet, will be beneficial for the project phase and later on for the ownership of the new process," says Vincent Muller, Electrical and Automation Manager for Blue Paper, in charge of the new DCS project.

"I am pleased that Blue Paper selected our Valmet DNA for their biggest investment since machine start-up. After the successful project done with the machine rebuilt in 2013, the choice of Blue Paper strengthens us in our partnership and I am proud of the work accomplished by our teams," says Patrick Rojo, Automation sales account manager, Valmet.

2017-10-31 
ICT : New Converting line launched in Piano di Coreglia, Lucca

Another key project has been completed in the Piano di Coreglia facility near Lucca : the launch of a FORTE Converting line by PCMC, with a speed of 700 m per minute. The new machine assures top quality and flexibility. This is an investment hinged on machines made in Italy by leading companies such as PCMC, Casmatic, Optima, Infinity, Flexlink, Elettric80 and Technowrapp. All this was made possible thanks to the unfailing ICT team spirit, in the ongoing pursuit of safety, quality, efficiency and waste reduction.

2017-10-31 
J. Vilaseca announces a price increase from 1 December 2017

Papermakers are experiencing an unrelenting rise in pulp prices, with monthly increases since last January. There has been an accumulated increase of 38% to date and further price rises are announced for November and December. This is causing an unsustainable increase in production costs and great tension in the paper market.

In light of the situation, we are forced to charge 50 Euros/tonne for all our paper and for all deliveries as of 1 December 2017.

Our sales team is at your disposal to clarify any doubts you may have.

Hoping that this situation will soon stabilize, we thank you in advance for the trust you place in the J. Vilaseca S.A. team.

2017-10-31 
Changes in SCA’s Group Management

Due to approaching retirement, there will be changes in SCA’s Group Management.

Mats Sandgren will leave his position as President of Business Area Forest as of April 1 2018. He will work on as senior advisor in SCA’s corporate staff. He will continue to report to Ulf Larsson, SCA’s President and CEO.

Jonas Mårtensson, presently President of Business Area Wood, will take on the position as President of Business Area Forest as of April 1 2018 and at the same time leave his present position.

Jerry Larsson, presently Manager of Obbola Papermill, will take on the position as President of Business Area Wood as of April 1 2018. Per Strand, presently Sales Director of Kraftliner in Scandinavia, will take on the position as Manager of Obbola Papermill as of February 15 2018.

2017-10-31 
Petra Einarsson appointed new CEO of BillerudKorsnäs

The Board of Directors of BillerudKorsnäs has appointed Petra Einarsson new President and CEO of the company. Petra succeeds Per Lindberg who is, after 12 successful years, leaving BillerudKorsnäs on his own request for a new assignment. Petra Einarsson will assume her new position at the turn of the year 2017-2018.

”I am very glad to present Petra Einarsson as new President and CEO of BillerudKorsnäs”, says Lennart Holm, Chairman of the Board. “Petra is a highly experienced and competent leader. She has during her years as President of Sandvik Materials Technology shown her capability to successfully develop a complex process industry in a competitive environment. With Petra as new CEO, I am convinced we will succeed in our ambitions to further develop BillerudKorsnäs to new levels.”

Petra Einarsson is since 2013 President of Sandvik Materials Technology and a member of the Group Executive Management of Sandvik AB. Prior to that she has held a number of senior positions within the Sandvik group, including President of product area Tube, President of product area Strip and Financial Manager at Sandvik Materials Technology. Petra was born in 1967 and holds a B. Sc. in Business Administration and Economics.

Per Lindberg leaves his position as President and CEO as Petra Einarsson assumes the position.

2017-10-30 
Valmet recognized as a global leader in climate action by CDP

Valmet has been recognized for its actions and strategy to mitigate climate change by CDP, the international not-for-profit organization that promotes sustainability. Valmet maintains its leadership position in CDP’s climate program ranking by achieving the second-best A- rating. The CDP’s climate change program results were released on October 24, 2017.

"This year, CDP had set the threshold higher than in the previous years which makes our achievement even more significant. This is a great acknowledgement of our contribution to climate change mitigation. We are continuously developing technologies that enable the use of renewable raw materials and increase raw material efficiency. We also have a systematic program to reduce CO2 emissions in our own operations. Recently, we set new targets for this program spanning to year 2030 to drive continuous improvement in environmental performance in the long term," says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

Valmet’s mission is to convert renewable resources into sustainable results. Valmet’s comprehensive Sustainability360º agenda focuses on five core areas : sustainable supply chain ; health, safety and environment ; people and performance ; sustainable solutions, and corporate citizenship.

In September 2017, Valmet was recognized for its consistent progress in sustainability as it was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices for the fourth consecutive year. Valmet was also reconfirmed as a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe.

CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, is an international not-for-profit organization that runs a global disclosure system enabling companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts.

2017-10-30 
Norske Skog : Strong support for the recapitalization

The board of directors and the management of Norske Skog are pleased to have received strong support from both secured and unsecured bondholders and shareholders for the proposed recapitalization solution. In direct dialogue with these holders, the vast majority are supportive of the proposal. The consent solicitation deadline is extended until Tuesday 31 October at 17:00 CET to allow sufficient time for holders to provide formal consent through their respective bond custodians and submit lock-up agreements to Lucid Issuer Services Limited as information and tabulation agent.

In relation to the secured and unsecured tranches and following direct dialogue with holders, the indications of support suggest that the thresholds required to implement the transaction by way of Schemes of Arrangement will be reached.

A consensual recapitalization proposal is also contingent upon support from the holders of the EUR 100 million Norwegian Securitization Facility due 2020 (NSF) and a majority of the 2115 Perpetual Notes. The extension period will allow holders to provide formal consent and submit lock-up agreements. The extension period will also be used to continue discussions with the holders of the NSF and holders of the 2115 Perpetual Notes to try to achieve support also from these two remaining creditor groups.

- We are pleased that practically all stakeholders targeted in the consent solicitation process are supporting for a consensual recapitalization of the current Norske Skog group. We will now spend time to ensure the registration and documentation of formal support for the recapitalization occurs. Equally important, we will do our outmost to obtain the support to the recapitalization from the holders of the NSF and the 2115 Perpetual Notes holders," said Mr. Christen Sveaas, Chairman of Norske Skogindustrier ASA.

Regardless of the outcome of the recapitalization process, the business operations at our seven paper mills will continue as normal.

If the requisite consent levels are not reached, the listed parent company Norske Skogindustrier ASA will likely file for debt negotiations or bankruptcy in the Norwegian courts. The secured creditors of Norske Skog AS will then likely enforce upon their security resulting in the operating business being transferred into new ownership.

Simultaneously with the efforts to gather the required consent for the recapitalization proposal, the board of directors and the management of Norske Skog are preparing a contingency plan if adequate consent for the recapitalization solution is not reached. As part of this plan, Norske Skog has involved financial advisors pursuant to the terms of the indenture for the 2019 Senior Secured Notes to perform a valuation of the group.

2017-10-30 
A.Celli Paper enthusiastically encourages St. Croix Tissue Inc. (USA) with professionalism by providing equipment in-line with their needs.

A new tissue rewinder and roll handling system by A.Celli Paper for the US company that has recently entered the world of tissue manufacturing.
St. Croix Tissue Inc., located in Baileyville, ME (USA), very close to the Canadian border, is a recently born tissue manufacturing company that can already boast of a long-standing history. Its sister company, Woodland Pulp LLC, has been producing since 1904, and produces a premium quality raw material (bleached hardwood pulp) with wood chips coming from the surrounding forest areas, a portion of which is designated for St. Croix Tissue.
A.Celli Paper provided the Maine facilities with a complete roll handling system, which was started up in March of 2016 and October 2017.
Thanks to this system, the jumbo reels coming from the tissue machine are automatically transferred to the wrapper, making the production process not only more fluid and faster, but also safer. And this also because the new A.Celli Paper handling system is supported by an overhead cranes (it, too, automatic) positioned above the tissue machines, that aids in the most critical phases.
In addition to the roll handling system, the supply also included a new rewinder mod. AC882. Started up in June of 2016, it obtained optimal results, reaching the speed of 1800 mpm with production paper, with no vibration or web break issues, to the customer’s full satisfaction. Supporting this new company has doubtless been a stimulating experience for A.Celli Paper, and the great results obtained today are a prelude to the inception of a long-lasting relationship, fruit of the customer’s trust, repaid by the competence and professionalism of a provider of technological excellence like the Lucca company, capable of listening to problems and finding an exhaustive answer.

2017-10-27 
French take-back scheme: Reclay supports Léko

The Reclay Group will continue to promote competition in the French packaging-licensing market. Therefore, the Cologne-based corporate group is ready to provide funding for the final phase of setting up the take-back and recycling scheme Léko. This pledge of support is necessitated by an announcement made by Léko. The company recently reported that it had to cease work on the take-back and recycling scheme for packaging due to a lack of funding. The authority concerned – the French General Directorate for Risk Prevention, which is a part of the French Finance Ministry – has already been informed about the step. A lack of resources for continuing the development of Léko is cited as the reason for this. Despite an appeal in August, neither the shareholders nor the new partners have raised the necessary resources.

2017-10-27 

Metsä Board has once again been rewarded a position on the CDP Water A List as well as on the CDP Climate A List. This is the third consecutive year that the company has been included on the CDP Water A List and the second year on the CDP Climate A List. Metsä Board also achieved Leadership status in the CDP Forest programme for the third year in a row. CDP is a non-profit global environmental disclosure platform.

Metsä Board is among the top 10% of companies participating in CDP’s water programme to be placed on the Water A List. This achievement is in recognition of its actions in the last reporting year to manage water more sustainably. Additionally, Metsä Board is among the top 5% of companies participating in CDP’s climate change programme to be featured on the 2017 Climate A List. This positioning recognises its activities to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy.

“We’re delighted that Metsä Board was once again rated among the world’s best performing companies by CDP,” says Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsä Board. “Sustainability actions should be initiated and driven by the company’s top management to ensure engagement throughout the business. For Metsä Board the reduction in CO2 emissions and water usage have also delivered overall cost efficiencies along with sustainability benefits.”

2017-10-27 

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